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LEGO® Star Wars™ This Is How We Play

Fans across the galaxy are unleashing the full Force™ of LEGO® Star Wars™ through inventive brick photography, exciting brick films, and jaw-dropping brickoramas. Watch videos on this page to learn how to make your own!


Are you ready to further your Jedi training? Then join us, young padawan, as you watch expert creators demonstrate how to film, photograph and build incredible tributes to the Star Wars™ saga, using nothing but the LEGO® Star Wars sets in your home…

Which path will you choose?

LEGO® Star Wars™

Brick Photo:

Snap the Force™! Set the scene and create photos that bring LEGO® Star Wars™ to life.

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LEGO® Star Wars™

Brick Film:

Film the Force™! Produce your own addition to the Star Wars™ saga!

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