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This Is How We Play

If you love the incredible stories of Star Wars™… then why not make some more?

What stories will you tell?

As true Star Wars™ fans, you know it’s not all blaster fights and starship chases (though they ARE pretty great…) But the real magic of Star Wars comes from its stories. The heroes and villains. The twists and turns. The incredible locations.

And that’s where LEGO® Star Wars™ comes in. To help the saga’s biggest fans – like you – add one more story to that galaxy far, far away…

How to make brilliant Brick Films

  • LEGO® Star Wars™

    Lightsaber, camera, action! Some ideas to get you started…

  • LEGO® Star Wars™

    “It wasn’t going to be perfect… but that’s the magic of it!”

See all we got up to during filming...

Snap the best Brick Photos!

  • LEGO® Star Wars™

    Teamwork always makes the dream work

  • LEGO® Star Wars™

    “I learned how to direct my parents…!”

Head behind-the-lens

Build some beautiful Brickoramas!

  • LEGO® Star Wars™

    Discover some top tips for your first Brickorama…

  • LEGO® Star Wars™

    “Building with friends is more interesting”

Sneak a peek at what it takes to make Brickoramas!

How do you like to get creative with your LEGO® Star Wars™ sets?

We want to know how YOU get creative with your LEGO® Star Wars™ sets. Tell us in our poll below!

Which path will you take?

LEGO® Star Wars™

Brick Photo:

Learn the best ways to snap the Force

Explore Brick Photos 

LEGO® Star Wars™

Brick Film:

Discover the secret to the perfect (mini) Star Wars™ movie

LEGO® Star Wars™


Want to add awesomeness to your building skills?

Hey you! Do you love Star Wars™?

Join me and all the other LEGO® Star Wars megafans on LEGO Life!

Hey friends! Bob here. Come check out this awesome building challenge on the LEGO Life app. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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