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Last Modified: November 14, 2022


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Who are we?

We are the LEGO Group and we want to inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow. We make lots of products like LEGO® bricks and sets, as well as digital apps and games. We also operate retail stores around the world and on the internet, and we operate the website.

This Privacy Policy tells you how we use your personal data, so you know what happens with it when you give it to us.

Sometimes there are links to other pages. You might want an adult to help with these because they can sometimes be confusing.

Personal data? What’s that?

Anything that can be used to identify you is your personal data. You might already know this could be things like your name or a photo of you, but it is also things like your email address or online username.

The LEGO Group uses a lot of personal data. If you want to know more, please ask an adult to help you read the entire Privacy Policy.

Why do you need my personal data?

The main reason we need to use your personal data is to know who you are.

If you are logged in to one of our apps or games, we use your personal data to keep track of your game progress, to help you stay connected with your friends in the app or game, or to let you save content you have uploaded to your LEGO Account.

We sometimes also use your personal data because of an event you take part in, or a competition we organize, to make sure if you win that you get your prize.

If we don’t have your personal data, it means we might not be able to do certain things for you. We might not be able to remember how far you made it in a certain game, or let you upload photos to share with friends.

If you want to know more about what we are doing with your personal data, you can ask an adult to read the full Privacy Policy with you to help you understand the details.

So, can you just use my personal data for anything?

Nope! We can only use your personal data for certain reasons.

We provide a lot of online services, and there are some rules that say we need to use your personal data to do our work and deliver the service to you, and we can do this without asking you first.

Other times, we need to get consent from your parents. If you or your parents (or guardians) say no then we won’t (and can’t) use your personal data.

Can anyone else see my personal data?

Sometimes we need to share your personal data to do our work. We’re very careful about how we do this, which means there are even more rules.

We might need to share your data with your family if they are helping you. Also, we might need to share your data with other people. Please ask an adult to help you read our full Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy and Cookie Declaration.

Do you keep my personal data forever?

We are only allowed to keep your personal data for as long as we need it. Depending on the circumstances, this period can vary.

Do I have a say in what happens to my personal data?

Yes you do. You have what we call ‘rights’ when we use your data. One of these is the right to know what we do with it. That’s what this page is for.

You can ask us to tell you what personal data we have about you, or you can tell us to stop using it or delete it. If your personal data is wrong or incorrect, you can tell us and we will fix it.

The rights you have depend on what we use your data for, and there is a lot more information in this Privacy Policy. Please ask an adult to help you read it.

Who makes sure you follow all the rules?

We have someone here at the LEGO Group called our Data Protection Officer, and their job is to protect your data. This means they make sure we are following all the rules, and that your data is safe. If they see something wrong, they tell us how we can fix it.

It is very important for us to keep your data safe, and to follow all the rules. If you are worried about what we do with your personal data, please contact us.

There is also a government agency whose job it is to make sure companies like us follow the rules, and correct us if we do things wrong. You can also email or write to them. You will find their contact information at

About our website

Like lots of websites, our website downloads tiny files called ‘cookies’ onto your computer. These help our website to work properly for you. You can find out more about cookies in our Captain Safety video, here.

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