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LEGO® railway awarded Guinness World Record

93,307 LEGO elements. That’s what it took to build a LEGO railway long enough to be awarded a Guinness World Record for the longest plastic toy train track – precisely 4000.25 meters long.

More than 80 LEGO enthusiasts gathered in Denmark on the 10th and 11th of May 2013 to put the nearly 100.000 elements bricks and rails together. It took about six hours before the electric LEGO train was set in motion. After almost four hours of travel time the train reached the end of the line and received the world record award.

The man behind the world record attempt is adult LEGO fan Henrik Ludvigsen, who got the idea after noticing the large number of rails he had in his personal LEGO storage. With the help of advertisements in newspapers and on the internet he received blue LEGO rails from all over the world – enough to set the world record.

Image  overview of LEGO train tracks