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LEGO® Friends doubled expectations for sales in 2012

The new LEGO Friends products have sold twice as well as expected – and contribute to an exceptional annual result for the LEGO Group.

Last year’s big new strategic milestone – LEGO Friends – exceeded all expectations and more than doubled the initial sales forecasts for its first year in market. The product line tailors the iconic LEGO construction experience especially to girl’s ages five and up, and is the result of the most researched LEGO concept ever done by the world’s leading construction toy company.

Mads Nipper, Chief Marketing Officer, reflects:

“We entered 2012 with high expectations for LEGO Friends but also with a lot of anxiety as we have historically never been very successful attracting girls to our play offers. That is why it has been amazing to experience the enthusiastic welcome, which consumers have given the new range, as well as know that we through LEGO Friends have managed to introduce LEGO play to millions of girls who had never received a LEGO product before.”

Even though the LEGO Group more than doubled its production of LEGO Friends versus expectations, it was not possible to deliver all of the products demanded. As a result of the high demand for LEGO Friends products a set from the line – Olivia’s House – also tops the LEGO Group’s list of bestselling sets for the year.

4 years of research

The LEGO Friends concept development spanned four years and involved more than 3500 girls and their mothers around the world to understand what girls who have previously not been attracted to LEGO play, would expect from a construction toy.

LEGO Group Vice President Nanna Ulrich Gudum, who was responsible for developing the LEGO Friends product line, explains;

“The girls we talked to let us understand that they really wanted a LEGO offering that mirrors what the boys experience, but in a way that fulfills their unique desire for redesign and details and combined with realistic themes in community and friendship.”

The successful 2012 sales have not made the LEGO Group introduce more sets than already planned. But the Danish company enters 2013 with a lot of confidence for the second year with LEGO Friends on the market.
Mads Nipper, Chief Marketing Officer, explains;

“This year we will expand the Friends story to include more themes and deeper characters, which the children that tested this year’s products, really enjoyed. We can also see that the attention from our customers is even more positive this year, so I am excited about LEGO Friends in 2013”.

The LEGO Friends product line includes 28 sets at the start of 2013.

At the 2013 International Toy Fair in New York, the LEGO Friends line received the following awards:

Toy of the Year (T.O.T.Y.) Award for Best Toy.
The honour was bestowed at the Toy Industry Association (TIA)’s annual gala to celebrate the best and most innovative toys, held Saturday, February 9, at New York City’s Plaza Hotel. 
LEGO Friends also won the 1st prize in two other categories: “Activity” and “Girls”.

At the 2012 Nuremberg Toy Fair, the LEGO Friends product “Olivia’s House” won the award for “best toy” in the age-group 6-10 years.

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