Man posing with a LEGO model of Audi

Luke Reveruzzi

Based in the UAE (Dubai)

Luke is the first LEGO® Certified Professional (LCP) to be based out of the Middle East.

He is an experienced Product Designer with a track record of running creative companies across physical and digital design sectors since 2007, working with a wide variety of companies from Intel to Samsung. Along the way he has won national and international design/innovation awards from SXSW Accelerator in Austin, Texas to WIPO Best Invention in Genève, Switzerland.

Luke heads up The Build Co. out of their studio in Dubai, where he and a collective of creatives, artists and engineers construct sculptures, mosaics, live builds, exhibitions and workshops exclusively with LEGO bricks. Luke and his team have been adding unique centrepieces to marketing and PR campaigns, product launches and events across the GCC and wider region.

Past builds include life-size cars, Guinness World Record Largest LEGO Flag, iconic skyscrapers and a range of animals, to name a few. Luke accepts commissions and projects on a regular basis from around the world, and would be happy to help realise your LEGO® brick project.