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The LEGO Group History

1939 company motto only the best is good enough

The LEGO Factory has 10 employees.


Godtfred Kirk Christiansen starts creating models. He is 17 years old.


Godtfred Kirk Christiansen (GKC) cuts Ole Kirk's motto “Only the best is good enough” and hangs it up in the workshop. 

Selected Product News 1936 Wooden duck toy

Numskull Jack on the goat


The business manufactures its first LEGO wooden duck and markets “Kirk´s Sandgame” its first construction toy.

Selected Product News 1935

The LEGO Duck

Clothes hangers (Dagny Holm design)


The company and its products now adopt the name LEGO, formed from the Danish words "LEg GOdt" ("play well"). Later, it is realised that in Latin the word means "I put together".

First LEGO product line 1932The firm has 6-7 employees.


Ole Kirk Kristiansen, master carpenter and joiner, establishes his business in the village of Billund, Denmark. His firm manufactures stepladders, ironing boards, stools and wooden toys.

His son, Godtfred Kirk Christiansen, starts working in the business at the age of 12.