Man posing with a LEGO model of a dragon Christmas tree

Caspar Bennedsen

Based in Denmark

Caspar Bennedsen is born in Billund, DK - Hometown of the LEGO® Brick. With both parents working for the LEGO Group, Caspar has developed a way of thinking, where he sees building possibilities in everything. – You will always find, that Caspar has the answer as to how a certain shape/scene/angle can be built in LEGO.

Caspar has always been a big part of the Danish AFOL community, and is one of the main co-ordinators behind Skærbæk Fanweekend; the AFOL event in the world, with most international fans.

He started his professional LEGO career in 2007 at LEGOLAND Billund, as a model designer and became the model shop supervisor in 2016, which has helped him gain a lot of knowledge in designing, building and installing LEGO models, maintaining a high safety standard. In 2018 Caspar used his experience, to start his own company, Brick Works, and joined the LCP Program.

Caspar and his team at Brick Works have built commissioned models varying from very small models to models that are over 3 meters tall.

He accepts commission from all over the world, for any type of builds, exhibitions, events etc. from both privates, companies, schools, television etc. – the possibilities are endless, and Caspar thrives in taking on new ideas and making it happen.