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LEGO® DUPLO® is more than bricks and pieces…

It’s a belief that play is a fundamental part of a child’s development. A commitment to give children the very best of quality, design and (most importantly) potential to express themselves, at a time when they are rapidly developing and learning crucial life skills.

LEGO DUPLO helps kids develop those crucial life skills. We do it through our philosophy of having no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to play, supported by the diverse and unique themes, characters, colors and real-life elements in our sets, all fitting together in endless ways to support kids in their natural discovery process. All of which opens up a world of possibilities – not answers. Because when kids have fun, learning comes naturally.

Every set we make activates as many crucial life skills as possible. Discover how (and why) we achieve this, by navigating through the different skills below!


… like Communication… Collaboration… Empathy…

The early years of life are where children first learn and engage with pretend play. This helps kids put themselves in the shoes of others and start learning the basis of empathy. This is also the ideal space to collaborate, communicate and understand other people’s perspectives through sharing ideas, stories and negotiating rules.

In addition, pretend playing with a partner (such as a parent or sibling) can help further contextualize social cues, providing kids with the basis for establishing successful social relationships.

These carefully selected DUPLO sets help them build, play out and share their stories. Whether it’s by encouraging ‘serve-and-return interactions’ that teach kids about everyday encounters, role-play scenarios with real-life (and not-so-real-life) heroes, or by introducing them to the wonderful animals of the world.

Teaching Kids the Importance of Caring for Animals

Let’s introduce little ones to the wondrous animals of the world and help encourage a lifelong determination to protect every one of them.


… like Numbers & Letters… Shapes & Colors… Concentration…

Engaging with symbols, letters and numbers through play has been linked to enhancements in children’s language development, while problem-solving helps sharpen their concentration. 

While all our products encourage cognitive development, these DUPLO sets especially encourage problem-solving and reward flexible, innovative thinking, in a familiar and (crucially) fun way.

They’re anchored in the shapes, colors, letters and numbers that your child will soon end up mastering, through DUPLO play.

Improving Kids’ Problem-Solving Skills

Life is full of obstacles. Through play little ones can learn how to find solutions.


… like Imagination… Independent Thinking… Creativity…

Research tells us that play and creativity help children contextualize changes in everyday life and think independently about solutions. Toys that offer a wide range of possibilities, as opposed to fixed ways of playing, particularly favor this. 

Our big DUPLO bricks are the perfect tool for preschoolers to develop their ideas, while also providing a limitless medium for their ever-growing imagination. 

These sets are therefore bright, colorful and offer the most open-ended version of play possible for your mini-sculptor to get stuck into!


… like Movement & Balance… Space… Motor skills…

Physically active play is linked to academic progress, self-regulation and social competence.

And by building bigger, adding wheels and spreading the bricks far and wide, DUPLO play helps preschoolers practice being stable on their feet – as well as nurturing their budding hand-eye co-ordination.

Whether it’s by zooming around with our toy wheels, reaching on tippy toes to put the last brick on their towers, or just learning how to fit two bricks together, these sets will help kids develop their physical abilities in the most fun way possible!


… like Resilience… Self-Expression… Confidence…

Our focus on these three 21st century skills is based on the value they can have on every single child – both now and in the future. 

Resilience is a foundational attribute that helps with all aspects of learning and helps kids deal with new challenges in a world where the only constant is change. Self-expression helps them contextualize emotions and learn to action and voice their ideas. Confidence is what gives kids the ability to feel that they can figure anything out, helping them seizing new and exciting opportunities – an attitude that will benefit them for life. 

As a child learns how to fit DUPLO bricks together and try (again and again) to build and rebuild what they have in mind, they’ll develop resilience with each attempt. As they discover new colors, characters and structures, they’ll discover a new way to express their inner thoughts. And as they master those skills, they’ll experience wave after wave of confidence.

How to Encourage Self-Expression in Kids

Discover how play helps kids be whoever they want to be – and helps them grow their confidence.

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