LEGO® Cookie Policy

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Hungry for cookies now? We are, too.

At, we use cookies to make sure your experience is as perfect as it can be. But we also want to be sure you understand what kind of data we are gathering when you shop with us – and how you are always in control.

What is a cookie anyway?

A cookie is a tiny data file that can hold small crumbs of information about you. These are stored on your device (computer, smartphone or tablet) when you first visit any website to enable that site to recognise you when you come back. But they can be used to give you so much more! At, we use four varieties of cookies to optimise your website experience:

Required cookies

These cookies enable core site functionality and are therefore always enabled.

What does that mean?

You won't be able to switch these off. These cookies help us remember your selected country and language, tell us whether you are logged in or not, and keep track of your shopping bag and wish list items, which we think saves you time so you can get to the fun stuff quicker.

Analytical cookies

This is a fancy name for the kinds of cookies that let us measure how we're doing. How many people visit, from where, what time of day, and even how long they stay. Analysing this information helps us troubleshoot any problems and monitor our own performance.

What does that mean?

The more we know about where, when and how our visitors use, the better their experience can be! For example, analytical cookies help us see which sets are popular so we can be sure we make more of them.

LEGO® marketing cookies functions best when we know a little more about how you use our site, such as recognising when you log in and remembering what your preferred settings are. So, we gather information on everything from what sets you've already purchased to what kind of browser you are using.

What does that mean?

If you are a LEGO® fan, this is the ultimate way to connect. Not only will we keep track of what you buy and what you view, but we may even get in touch with you with a survey or BETA test, so you can help us improve the experience for other visitors and LEGO® fans, too.

Third-party cookies

We work with advertising partners to extend your experience beyond These cookies help to build a profile of your interests based on how you use your browser and device. They do not gather personal information such as your address or credit card.

What does that mean?

Have you ever seen an ad on Google or Instagram for a product you viewed on another site? That's what this is. Your browsing history helps target the kinds of ads you see, to ensure you get content that's of interest to you.

Building your trust means everything to us

That’s why we'd like to say, once again, that you are always in complete control of what you share.

With your help, we will continue our work to make sure that is a safe, secure site that you can visit and enjoy with confidence.

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