Gaming Toys & Figures

Gaming Toys & Figures

Discover the best gifts for gamers that bring their favorite storylines, characters and adventures from their screens, into their hands.
Llook who it is…

A parent’s guide to kids and video gaming

Ever wondered why your kids get so obsessed with gaming? Wonder no more…

Co-op games you can actually play with your kids…

From the moment the box of one of our LEGO® gaming toys is opened, parents are included in their kids’ gaming (for a change…!) Even our digital games are best played together, to help you enjoy quality family time.

Joy is one of the best ways young kids learn

That’s why all our DUPLO® games for toddlers and preschoolers are full of fun, interactive adventures that help kids laugh as they learn.

Be a game developer!

Build and play your very own 3D LEGO® video game, with just a few short clicks! Available for all LEGO fans aged 18 years and older.

Bits ’n’ Bricks Podcast

To celebrate 25 years of LEGO® video games (wow, we feel old…), we’ve made a podcast to dig out all the fascinating stories and lessons from our gaming history!

Worried About Screen Time?

Ever catch yourself repeating your parents’ old warning to your kids, about their eyes going square if they stare at screens for too long?

Our top 10 online safety tips

We’ve partnered with UNICEF to help parents like you keep your little ones safe in the digital world.

How we protect your child, your data & your privacy

Your child’s safety is our top priority across all our websites, games and apps.

Each kids’ gaming experience and activity has zero links to third-party websites, shop functions, adverts, or other inappropriate content. And all under 13s need a parent or guardian’s permission to create a LEGO or LEGO Life app account.

Plus – (of course) – we NEVER sell anyone’s personal data to partners or third-party vendors.

Read our Privacy Policy and get in touch with any questions, below.

Gamers Play On

When it comes to kids and gaming, we all know the screens have to be turned off at some point… but why let the fun end? Our Gaming sets bring kids closer to their favorite games than even a joystick can, as we bring their favorite characters and boundless creativity beyond the virtual world and right into the palm of their hands.
Super Mario™
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Super Mario
Super Mario™
Sonic the Hedgehog™
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