About LEGO® Minecraft®

About LEGO® Minecraft®

Get ready to explore the world of LEGO® Minecraft® and bring one of the most popular video games ever into the real world…

Alongside authentic Minecraft characters, our physical pieces take all the action and storytelling of the creative construction game and place it squarely (or should we say ‘cube’-ly…) into your kids’ hands.

Minecraft® action and adventure – in the real world!

The natural transition from on-screen Minecraft® blocks to hands-on LEGO® bricks adds a new dimension to gamers’ creative play. With the help of favorite characters, creatures, mobs and environments from the online game, LEGO Minecraft sets take Minecraft gaming to the next level.

All that’s magical about Minecraft® – and more

LEGO® Minecraft® sets incorporate all that’s captivating about the online game. They’re carefully designed to inspire productive, collaborative play, by being filled with colorful characters, amazing creatures and hidden surprises…

Gifts for Minecraft® fans

With hands-on fun and creative adventures that never end, LEGO® Minecraft® sets make great gifts for kids – Minecraft gamers and non-players alike.

Familiar Minecraft® characters that kids love

Most kids know all about Minecraft®. So, when they open their LEGO® Minecraft set, they immediately recognize the characters and understand the game, which maximizes the joy and the lasting play possibilities.

Think Outside the Blocks

When it comes to pure creativity, there’s not a lot that can top our LEGO® Minecraft® sets. Kids will love the typical Minecraft humor and design features, as in our new, giant buildings inspired by the most popular animals in the Minecraft universe!

21187 The Red Barn

Minecraft® players can bring the online game’s iconic red barn into the real world, along with crops, animals, favorite characters and a whole heap of action! And because the entire barn opens up wide, the Minecraft adventure continues inside.

Kids build skills as they play

The wide assortment of LEGO® Minecraft® sets cover a spectrum of scenarios, designed to deliver lasting developmental benefits: fine motor skills as kids build and play, cognitive skills as they plan and solve problems, social and emotional awareness as they role-play with a wide range of characters, and creativity as they build Minecraft worlds as boundless as their imagination.

21189 The Skeleton Dungeon

Why battle skeletons in 1 Minecraft® biome when you can battle them in 3? Take on the hostile mobs among the stalagmites and stalactites of the dripstone cave, the bushes and vines of the lush cave and (gulp!) the skeletons’ dungeon with its spinning skeleton spawner!

21190 The Abandoned Village

Don’t you just hate it when zombies move into the neighborhood? In this 4-part playset, Minecraft® players must battle the zombie villager at the blast furnace, seize the zombie farm and capture the abandoned house before rebuilding the village in their own awesome style!