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LEGO® Ideas Home Alone

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Limit 5
Choking Hazard.
Small parts and a small ball.
This product contains a button or coin battery.
Building Instructions

Make the holidays even more fun with new LEGO® Ideas Home Alone

Relive classic moments in amazing detail

Kevin vs the Wet Bandits

Battle the crooks with a bevy of booby traps around the house.

Playful prank details

See the iron on Marv’s face or torch Harry’s bald head.

Screamingly fun time

Recreate the memorable scene with Kevin and the aftershave.

Daring escape

Kevin can zipline to his backyard treehouse to foil the robbers.

Make a getaway

The bandits’ modular van features a crowbar and police hat.

‘Shut up’ basement scene

A light brick illuminates the scary furnace.

  • Room to explore

    From the attic to the basement, this set is packed with details to recreate Kevin’s battle with the Wet Bandits.
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