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LEGO® Monkie Kid™

Imagine what would happen if heroes and villains from old fairytales suddenly appeared in today’s world? LEGO® Monkie Kid™ brings the characters from a centuries-old Chinese tale about the battle between good and evil into a modern-world setting. A new legend is born – and kids get to create their own heroic adventures.

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The City of Lanterns

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Chang’e Moon Cake Factory

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Monkie Kid's Galactic Explorer

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Evil Macaque’s Mech

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  • Monkie Kid – The Story: Season 3

    MK and the team embark on their own journey to the West in search of 3 powerful Fire Rings to defeat the Bone Demon. Can the Evil Macaque and his army of Shadow Monkeys stop them? The race is on!
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  • Sandy’s Power Loader Mech

    Sandy’s power-punching mech with a DJ booth on top (hey, why not?) vs. Syntax’s spider-poison-rocket-launching mech. What a knockout set!
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The Original Legend of the Monkey King

Rooted in ancient Chinese culture and lore, the LEGO® Monkie Kid™ story and playsets delightfully reimagine the beloved, legendary character the Monkey King and other characters from the classic Journey to the West novel. The 16th-century tale is one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.
LEGO® Monkie Kid™ is a new legend in his own right, a normal kid who meets his idol and discovers what it takes to be a modern-day hero: someone who believes in you, the courage to act on your values, even if you sometimes make mistakes, imagination, and lots of practice! Oh, and it doesn’t hurt to have friends with sausage-shooting weapons and cool vehicles, of course.

Monkie Kid™ Heroes

  • MK/MONKIE KID – Our Main Hero

    When MK, or Monkie Kid, isn’t delivering the BEST noodles in town for his friend Pigsy’s Noodle Shop, playing video games or collecting cool Monkey King keepsakes, he fights ancient demons with his friends.
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Demons and Other Bad Guys

  • The Spider Queen

    After being thwarted in her first encounter with MK, Spider Queen is out for revenge. To help her take over the city, she’s concocted a powerful venom that transforms anything it touches into spider minions. Which, you know, is less than ideal…
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LEGO® Instructions PLUS

The easy, intuitive LEGO® Instructions PLUS is a digital, interactive guide to building this collectible LEGO gift toy for kids. You can find it in the free Instructions PLUS app, and kids can use zoom and rotate viewing tools to help them build the model.