Decorate Your Home with LEGO® DOTS

How to Decorate Your Home with LEGO® DOTS™

Kids love expressing themselves. All you have to do is walk into any youngster’s room, and you’ll know exactly who they are, based on their drawings, their toys, their posters and so on (and so on).

You might even say that as we grow older, we’re guilty of losing focus on personality through our decorations.


This article is here to help both youngsters get inspired to customize their rooms as never before with our kids DIY home décor DOTS sets... while also hopefully helping you grown-ups rediscover that creative itch and bring back your personalities with our LEGO DOTS home décor sets.

So let’s have a look at some DOTS home decoration tips!

Tip 1: Pick your canvas

Before we get into the millions of things you and your kids can make using LEGO DOTS home décor, we need to know where your masterpieces will lie.

For those who don’t know, LEGO DOTS isn’t really about building instructions. We’re much more into blank canvases.

And our very blankest of canvases are our baseplates, which are the simplest (but very effective) way for kids and grown-ups alike to express their creativity, passion and personality through DOTS home décor.

Our plain baseplates come in various shapes and sizes, but if you want something that’ll really make a statement, our Message Board (41951) is exactly what you’re looking for! Their shape can be adjusted, they come with lots of tiles which you can make endless designs out of, and they even include wall hangers for easy display!

A great way to add a pinch of magic to any mantelpiece or desk space is with the new LEGO® DOTS ǀ Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Back-to-School Project Box. It’s filled with tons of customizable desk accessories to get kids excited about the upcoming school year, from picture frames to note holders. But it helps kids bring the magic of Disney to more than just their home décor... with the adhesive patch and bag tag! Yes, that’s right, that means on-the-go baseplates for on-the-go creativity!

Tip 2: Find your passion

With unlimited possibilities, it can be difficult to decide what to pick…

A safe bet is making something that means something to you. The average kid reading this will now have about 3 billion ideas, from their favorite superhero to their favorite ice cream (maybe combined...?).

Your passion could be bringing people together. Those were certainly the people we made our new Ultimate Party Kit (41806) for – the kind of people who like to share the love and get a kick out of planning something awesome for their friends. Every friendship group needs a planner, and if that’s you, then we salute you!

Otherwise, think back to happy periods in your life and find something that reminds you of it. It doesn’t have to be obvious: for example, if you want to remember a great family skiing holiday, you might make a steaming cup of cocoa you enjoyed.

If you do pick a holiday or an occasion, why not take some physical memorabilia from it and keep it stored inside your design? Pop a couple of train tickets or photographs into our Big Box (41960) storage kit, decorate the outside suitably, and then, as you explain your creation to guests, you’ll have made yourself a very beautiful conversation starter…

Tip 3: Home from home

One thing we love about DOTS is their ability to make charming tributes to wherever you call home, by reproducing your country’s flag and a famous icon. Needless to say, making and displaying these designs are a great way to introduce kids to the different cultures of our world.

Check out these inspirational designs we’ve curated to get an idea of how you can customize your room AND celebrate your homeland in one fell swoop.

We especially loved this interpretation of the devilishly detailed Spanish flag!

Find more home accessories here.

Tip 4: Use the room

So yes, we’re saying you and your kids can customize your room with our LEGO DOTS home décor sets… but what room are we talking about here exactly?

If you have an office space, do you want things to be efficient, with little-to-no decoration… or do you want something bright and fun to keep you happy while you work, like our Cute Banana Pen Holder (41948)?

Of course, kids love putting up stickers and posters in their bedrooms. It’s a shame that LEGO DOTS can’t be stuck onto those things... is what someone MIGHT say if they didn’t know about our Adhesive Patches Mega Pack (41957)! After creating designs on the 8x8 patches, you and your kids can simply peel off the adhesive back and stick them onto practically any flat surface!

One idea we love is bringing DOTS into the kitchen. Because can you be a true foodie if you don’t have homages to your family favorite meal hanging from your wall?

Don’t forget that DOTS aren’t just for pretty patterns – they can be used to spell out anything you want them to!

Tip 5: Switch it up

The beauty of having adults and kids DIY home décor from LEGO DOTS, is that you can change it as many times as you like.

Let’s say the seasons are changing. Your home décor has been full of the deep blues and dark emeralds of winter, but now you want to see in the spring with pastel colors of bloom – lavender purple, buttercup yellow, orange…

Only with LEGO home décor can you take down your wall art and make it into something that better matches your mood, your state-of-mind, your… dare we say it… vibe?

So never be afraid to look at something you spent ages making… and completely change it.

A set that is particularly perfect for this tip, is our new Creative Animal Drawer (41805), which lets you pick from 6 animals to create. And that’s just the animals that come with the included suggestions. When you add those to all the possibilities of your imagination, that comes to infinity plus 6. Which is... like... loads!

Tip 6: Seek inspiration

There are loads of ways you and your kids can find new designs for your LEGO DOTS home décor, including on our official Pinterest page.

Why not search for some of the amazing DOTS content created by our fans? We’ve gathered some of our personal favorites for you, below.

And if you’d like to see your LEGO DOTS home décor or your kid’s DIY home décor featured on this page, simply upload a photo with the hashtag #DOTSDecor, and we’ll put your photo in the gallery below!

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