Create Unique Designs with DOTS Wearables

Create Your Own Designs with DOTS Wearables

Ever harbored a secret desire to be a fashion designer?

Then it’s time to discover a world of creativity with LEGO® DOTS! Our fantastic wearables make it possible for you to express yourself in endless ways. From your wrist to your luggage, you or your kids can mix and match your favorite colors, make up stories and showcase the cutest animals.

And you can take your DOTS creation with you everywhere and anywhere, because though our DOTS may be small, they are might-ily durable!

So don’t be afraid to take your beautiful work with you on your adventures. Not only will you and your bag look fabulous when you travel, but you’ll also have entertainment right at hand whenever you feel like switching your style up.

Let’s get creative with a few great suggestions to get you started.

Wear the magic!

What better way to celebrate friendship than with friendship bracelets? And what better theme for friendship bracelets... than Disney Mickey & Friends?! Inside our enormous Disney Mickey & Friends Bracelets Mega Pack, you’ll find loads and loads of exclusive, Mickey & Friends decorated tiles! Making this the perfect LEGO® DOTS set for all kids (and, lets be honest, grown-ups) who are megafans of Disney!

Sew then... you want more?

Are your sewing skills as sharp as your needles? With a bunch of unique Disney tiles to explore, the LEGO® DOTS ǀ Disney Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse Stitch-on Patch has a flexible 6x6 baseplate that can (of course) be redesigned whenever you so choose! You can sew them onto almost any material to get your kids wearing their designs with confidence, which has the dual advantage of boosting their self-expression skills and basically turning you into their ultra-cool fashion designer. Bring on the magic!

The cutest companion

Who’s a good bracelet? Who’s a good bracelet? Help your kid combine their love for their pets with the love for their friends! From corgis to kitties, there’s plenty of adorableness to go around with these fun friendship bracelets!

Unicorns forever

We all need a little more magic in our lives. And there’s nothing more magical than unicorns, right? Except maybe a best friendship... With our Unicorns Forever Bracelet kit (41802), kids can have the mystical wonder of these mythical creatures clip-clopping their way into their friendships. Less mess to clear up than having an actual unicorn, too...

Create a fresh look every day!

What’s your vibe today? Summer fun, outer space or maybe… street style? No matter your mood, create endless looks with the massive Bracelet Designer Mega Pack – and change it up whenever you want! With different colored bracelets, tons and tons of tiles decorated with cool graphics and colors and 12 unique charms – it’s like having a jewelry collection that never ends! And for even more fun, grab some friends or family and make some amazing creations together!

So let your imagination run wild with LEGO® DOTS and spend hours of fun with friends and family making the most beautiful, colorful, and creative bracelets and bag tags ever! We’re looking forward to seeing you take the fashion world by storm...

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