Creative girls’ room ideas

Creative girls’ room ideas

Every girl needs her own special space that belongs to her, that she can decorate in her own way to reflect her personality and interests. Whether you're looking to add a touch of magic, organise with style, or create a space that's all her own, we have LEGO® sets and ideas to help liven up any girl’s room.

From adorable animals and brick-built blooms to cute plushies and creative storage solutions, we've curated a selection that’s sure to delight and inspire. These ideas will transform any girl's room into a dreamy space where imagination knows no bounds.

Retro style: LEGO® Creator 3in1 sets

Girls can decorate their rooms with a bit of old-school flair with the LEGO® Creator 3in1 Retro Roller Skate (31148) and the LEGO Creator 3in1 Retro Camera (31147) sets. These fun, colourful sets offer a fresh take on classic designs, and each can be rebuilt into three fabulous designs.

With the Retro Roller Skate, girls can build a light green roller skate complete with 4 moving pink wheels, a pink stopper, thick yellow laces, and a set of colourful pieces to decorate the heel of the boot. The skate can also be rebuilt into a skateboard with four wheels, or a cool retro boom box. (Unfortunately, this one can’t play your old CDs and cassette tapes!)

The Retro Camera set is a celebration of all things analogue. Girls can make a brick-built version of an iconic film with a moving lens, buttons on the top to take a photo, and a multicoloured textile strap for carrying it. The camera even features an opening back to place a brick-built piece of film inside, with 6 stickers for kids to add to the film to represent their photos. The set can also be rebuilt into a retro-style video camera or a TV set with an aerial.

These sets not only provide hours of building and role-play fun for girls, but also make interesting and unique display items that allow them to showcase their styles.

For the dreamer: LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Sandman's Tower

The LEGO® DREAMZzz™ Sandman’s Tower (71477) is a stunning play and display set that encourages girls’ creativity and storytelling skills. This set includes story-led instructions for two ways to build, letting girls decide whether to create an elegant tower or an imposing fortress. Girls can choose their own adventure as they help LEGO DREAMZzz™ characters Izzie, Mateo and Logan defend the Sandman’s home from the evil Never Witch and her minion, Sneak. And when playtime is over, the set makes a beautiful piece of décor, in tower or fortress mode.

For nature lovers: LEGO® Animal Sets

These LEGO® Creator 3in1 sets are perfect for girls who love nature and animals. With a variety of styles and colours, you’re sure to find the right fit for her style.

The Forest Animals: Red Fox (31154) 3in1 playset is filled with forest-themed fun. Girls can make an adorable brick-built red fox with a movable head, neck, legs, paws and tail. It can be displayed sitting or standing next to a snow-covered tree stump and spruce tree stand. This set can also be rebuilt into a red owl toy perched on a tree branch, or a posable red squirrel toy with an acorn.

Girls can brighten up their rooms with more fun-filled nature builds. Whether it’s the colourful Exotic Peacock (31157), the fantastical Magical Unicorn (31140) or the cheerful Flowers in Watering Can (31149), she’ll have fun building, playing and making her space her own.

For the Disney fan: LEGO® | Disney Isabela's Flowerpot (43237)

The enchanting LEGO® | Disney Isabela’s Flowerpot (43237) is the perfect piece of décor for fans of Disney’s Encanto. This captivating set opens up a world of imagination, with a beautifully designed hinged flowerpot with buildable orchid and cactus flowers. The opening flowerpot unveils a secret room brimming with delightful details straight from the film, making the perfect home for the Isabela mini-doll.

Bold and beautiful blooms: LEGO® Flowers

Girls can brighten up their rooms with a DIY brick-built floral arrangement. Our LEGO® flowers (each sold separately) come in a variety of shapes and colours. Try making a pretty pastel bouquet with delicate pink Cherry Blossoms (40725), delightful yellow Daffodils (40747), and pink and white Lotus Flowers (40647). Or go for a bold combination of dazzling Sunflowers (40524) and bright red Roses (40460). Whatever they decide, these flower sets will give endless opportunity to express their creativity.

For the gamer: LEGO® Minecraft® The Frog House

Celebrate her love of Minecraft® with the LEGO® Minecraft Frog House (21256) set. This imaginative building toy doubles as a delightful room decoration, featuring a frog-shaped house that's straight out of her favourite game. The roof easily lifts off for interactive play, showcasing a house packed with iconic Minecraft accessories like a bed, a crafting table, and a treasure chest with cake and honey treats. Outside the house is a charming mini farm for harvesting crops and a serene lake for fishing, complete with a toy boat. The set includes figures of the Minecraft hero, a zombie and a drowned figure with a trident, as well as a trio of colourful frogs and a slime figure. The scene is set for imaginative adventures!

Soft and cuddly: LEGO® Minifigure Plush Toys

Add a touch of charm to any child's room with the delightful LEGO® plush minifigures. These soft, cuddly toys offer a new way to enjoy the classic appeal of LEGO minifigures. From beloved characters from popular films and TV shows to the unique original LEGO minifigures like the Shark Suit Guy and Unicorn Girl, these plush toys are brimming with personality and are perfect for snuggling. They make adorable room décor and serve as wonderful companions for everything from playtime to bedtime.

A crafty activity: LEGO® Heart Ornament

The LEGO® Heart Ornament (40638) is a cute and creative piece of décor. With 254 pieces in different shapes and colours, this fun building activity can be customised to reflect her style. When the building is finished, she can use the hanger element to display this beautiful floral heart in her room. And when she’s ready for a fresh look, she can rebuild and redesign it over and over again.

Creative solutions: LEGO® Storage Heads

Who says toy storage has to be boring? Say “goodbye” to dull plastic bins and “hello” to these bright LEGO® Storage Heads! Designed to look like the head of the iconic yellow LEGO minifigure, these fun storage bins are perfect for hiding away small toys, clothes, craft supplies and LEGO bricks. Available in a variety of sizes and facial expressions, she can mix and match to find the perfect fit for her room.

There's a whole world of LEGO® sets waiting to be discovered. Explore our diverse range of toys for girls to inspire even more building excitement. From intergalactic missions to magical castles and doll’s houses, we have the perfect gift for every young creator. Dive into our collections and find the next amazing set to spark imagination!