Best Gifts for Gamers

Best Gifts for Gamers

Finding the best gift for gamers can seem like a mission, especially if they are someone who already has everything! So what kind of gift can you get for a gamer? We have a variety of LEGO sets inspired by video games, retro consoles and characters that they will love. With a touch of nostalgia, plenty of hidden references and hours of fun, here are some of the best LEGO gifts for gamers.

LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Courses

Bring the fun of Super Mario™ to life with one of the LEGO® Super Mario™ sets. To get started, you will need one of the three starter courses. Choose from: Adventures with Peach Starter Course, Adventures with Mario Starter Course, or the Adventures with Luigi Starter Course.

Each Starter Course comes with an interactive figure which is a must for playing with the LEGO® Super Mario™ range. These interactive figures recognise the colour of bricks, have reactions and sounds, and collect coins throughout the levels.

Each of the Starter Courses include various challenges and level designs that you can play through using the interactive figure. It is a great gift for young fans of the Super Mario video games.

LEGO® Mario™

Enjoy hours of creative, competitive fun with the Adventures with Mario Starter Course! The set includes the LEGO® Mario™ interactive figure which reacts to action bricks. The 231-playset also includes many obstacles, enemies, and blocks so you can rearrange the level as many times as you want!

Kids can go head-to-head with their friends as they try to collect coins and beat each other’s highest coin count. There are multiple ways to play allowing kids to be creative in their challenges and building! It’s great as a gift or a treat for kids aged 6+.

LEGO® Peach™

The Adventures with Peach Starter Course is a great starter set to introduce kids to the world of LEGO® Super Mario™. The set includes the interactive figure of LEGO Peach along with her own course including obstacles and opportunities to collect coins, and even gift a fruit!

The playset includes a Start Pite, Goal Pole, swing, Lava Bubble-launching challenge, a flying ? Block AND Lemmy & Yellow Toad figures. Build one course, navigate the challenges, and then kids can rebuild and play again! The Starter Course is a great gift for kids for Birthday or Christmas.

LEGO® Super Mario™ Expansion Sets

If they already have a LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Course, then there are plenty of Expansion Sets and Character Packs available so they can combine and customise their existing levels!

The Expansion Sets include even more obstacles and plenty of opportunity to collect more coins.

Say hello to Yoshi with the treat-packed level Yoshi’s Gift House, build the iconic castle filled with enemies and obstacles with Peach’s Castle Expansion Set, or take to the skies with Big Spike’s Cloudtop Challenge. There are plenty of ways to customise LEGO® Super Mario™ levels and the Expansion Sets are a unique gift for fans.

Peach’s Castle

If the kids already have any of the LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Courses, the new Peach’s Castle Expansion Set can be combined for hours more fun and creativity. The 1,216-piece set lets kids build the fan-favourite castle from the LEGO® Super Mario™ video games with plenty of ways to earn digital coins using the interactive figures.

Get ready because this level is jam-packed full of surprises and ways to play. Included in the set is a whopping 5x toy figures including Bowser, a highly detailed Peach’s Castle with a stained-glass window and a throne room featuring a spinning wall where players can reveal Bowser and try to defeat him and so much more.

The set is perfect for solo or social play with so many ways to collect coins and create new challenges by combining with other sets and rebuilding levels.

LEGO® Super Mario 64™ ? Block

Pay tribute to the classic Super Mario 64™ video game in LEGO® style with this brick-built version of the ? Block for display and interactive play. 

Any Super Mario™ fan will love to build this 2,064-piece set. Inside the ? Block is Princess Peach’s Castle and 3 more levels with plenty of surprises to discover. Build and display or use the interactive figure from a LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Course to play your way through this collectible LEGO set. 

Along with the 4 detailed levels within the ? Block, it also comes with 10 LEGO® Super Mario™ characters including Mario, Yoshi, Princess Peach, Chain Chomp and more. This is one of the best gifts for gamers that played Super Mario throughout their childhood.

LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment System™

Recreate classic Super Mario Bros.™ gameplay with this cool LEGO® Nintendo Entertainment System™! 

Whether they played the console back in the day, or love the retro consoles, there are plenty of authentic details within the LEGO® NES™ making it the perfect display piece. The set comes with a buildable NES with a functioning opening slot for the Game Pak and a controller. 

It also comes with a retro TV featuring a Mario figure on the scrolling screen. If you have the LEGO® Mario™ figure from the LEGO® Super Mario™ Starter Course set, there is a slot on the TV for the figure which will make him react to enemies, obstacles, and power-ups on the TV screen. 

Bring back the memories of the Nintendo Entertainment System so players can recapture their childhood magic with this LEGO set.

Sonic the Hedgehog™ - Green Hill Zone

The Green Hill Zone is one of the most recognised gaming levels. It is the first level of the platform game Sonic the Hedgehog™ from 1991. If you are struggling to find gifts for gamers, if they love nostalgia and Sonic, look no further! Gamers can build their own Green Hill Zone out of LEGO bricks with this 1,125-piece set. 

Authentic obstacles and details include a palm tree, loop, and lever-activated spring for Super Sonic Jumps plus much more. It also includes a Sonic the Hedgehog figure and brick-built Dr. Eggman with two face options and the iconic Eggmobile!

Defy gravity, collect rings and emeralds, and play your way through one of gaming’s most memorable levels with the LEGO Ideas Green Hill Zone set! Discover the history of Sonic’s Green Hill Zone here.

LEGO Star Wars™: The Skywalker Saga

There is no better gift for an avid gamer than...a new video game! Released early 2022, LEGO Star Wars™: The Skywalker Saga includes all 9 Star Wars movies in a fun-filled, whimsical adventure and is the biggest LEGO video game launch ever!

The game will immerse players in the expansive saga with hundreds of characters, ships and vehicles to play in their own unique journey through the galaxy. There are hours and hours of galactic fun to experience.

The video game is available on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One consoles, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC. So, no matter what console they own, they'll love reliving the entire Skywalker Saga in LEGO brick style. This is a perfect gift for gamers of kids 7+ and adults.

Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck

From the uniquely breathtaking post-post-apocalyptic world of Horizon comes the LEGO brick Horizon Forbidden West: Tallneck. In a distant future, where humans live in primitive tribes and the world is dominated by animal-like machines, Tallnecks are the most awe-inspiring.

These great machines patrol the landscapes of the Earth reborn, essential for players as they venture further into the unknown as the brave machine hunter Aloy. As Aloy navigates the mysteries of the Forbidden West, she must scale these towering communications machines, downloading critical map data to aid her on her mission to save the world from ecological collapse.

Perfect for any gamer who loves Horizon Zero Dawn or Forbidden West, this Tallneck comes with authentic details from its iconic disk-shaped head to its long slim legs. The set also comes with a Watcher and Aloy figure. This LEGO set is designed for adults and a great display model.

LEGO® Minecraft™

Minecraft is a hugely popular game amongst kids and adults worldwide. There are two game modes available where players can build freely in Creative Mode or navigate the world and survive with the resources around you in Survival Mode. The game lets players build, battle enemies, construct shelters and explore the endless world.

Bring the video game to life - here are some gift ideas for gamers who love to play Minecraft.

LEGO Minecraft Animals

As players explore the world of Minecraft, they will come across many animals. Recreate the animal scenes in LEGO® brick style with one of the LEGO Minecraft animal sets.

The Llama Village

The Llama Village is a reconfigurable playset, perfect for kids to create their own adventures. Kids can use their imagination to create stories and build different scenarios. The Minecraft set includes lots of detail and possibilities for customization, so kids will have many hours of building and playing! There are 6 customisable modules with 6 figures of familiar Minecraft characters, and of course plenty of llamas to take care of.

This set includes 1,252-pieces and hours of fun for everyone to enjoy. It is a unique gift for gamers who want to enjoy Minecraft and LEGO® bricks in real life!

The Pig House

In LEGO® Minecraft, anything is possible! Yes, even a pig-shaped house! This is a super fun set for kids to build, display and play with. This set comes with a giant pig-shaped house, Minecraft character Alex, a Creeper™, two mini pigs, accessories, and carrots. Players can build their own pig farm and explore hidden rooms within the home. Just don’t let the explosive Creeper™ get too close!

The set has 490 pieces and can be combined with any other LEGO® Minecraft sets sets so gamers can create their own world using LEGO® bricks.

LEGO Minecraft Buildings

From villages to dungeons, igloos to a Nether Fortress, there are plenty of buildings to discover in Minecraft. Players can discover buildings naturally in the world or gather resources to create any building they wish!

The “Abandoned” Mine

As players venture down into the caves on a quest for resources, there are plenty of mines to discover. Enemies lurk around the corners, but the loot is worth the journey! The “Abandoned” Mine lets kids and adults join Steve as he attempts to find coal, iron and diamonds whilst fighting a zombie, creepy spider, and slime.

The set has 248 pieces and includes a cast of characters and creatures. Kids can create their own adventures or display the LEGO Minecraft set.

The Modern Treehouse

The Modern Treehouse is a modular build with 4 core rooms that you can customise, configure, and enjoy hours of creative play. This LEGO Minecraft gift is filled with details to inspire and encourage imaginative playtime whilst building and customising!

The set has 909 pieces and includes plenty of iconic Minecraft characters that can be combined with other sets to create endless play opportunities. It is designed for kids aged 8+ or adults who are looking for a build and display model!

There are plenty of unique and cool gifts for gamers that will fill them with joy to build, play with or display in their home. From nostalgia to build and play sets, all these gaming-inspired sets would make a fantastic Christmas, Holidays, or birthday gift! Mission complete!