Toy contains small parts and a small ball. Not for children under 3 years.

Super Mario™ Piranha Plant display model

Take time out to capture the distinctive features of an iconic enemy from the world of Super Mario™ with LEGO® bricks.
Creative builds for gamers

Show your Super Mario™ passion

Create a colorful, posable centerpiece for your home or office. (Please note that this model has no digital play functions.)

LEGO® Super Mario™ Piranha Plant

Highly posable

Pose the head, mouth, stalk and leaves of the Piranha Plant.

Buildable pipe

Display the Piranha Plant in the brick-built pipe.

Includes 2 coin elements

What are the ‘coins’ for? Build the model and find out!

An immersive, creative experience

Clear instructions in the box and on the LEGO® Builder app help you to relax and lose yourself in the joy of brick-building.

Fun gift idea for adults

Treat yourself or gift this delightful building set to another Super Mario™ fan or anyone with a passion for gaming.
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