Best Educational Toys for Kids

Best Educational Toys for Kids

Loving to learn starts from a young age, and comes in a variety of forms, from curiosity about the world around to constructing advanced projects, or even building emotional connections with those around you.

To support this natural development and encourage learning through play, here are some of the best educational toys that kids aged 6+ can tackle on their own or with others!

LEGO® Art – Art Project - Create Together

Learning about art is a great way for kids to develop their appreciation for visual creations as well as explore their emotional capacity and ability to share.

This set, formed of over 4100 pieces, lets kids build any of 36 different designs – or come up with their own. They can work with friends or family separately before combining their work in a 3x3 grid to create a unique tapestry of colors.

Alternatively, everyone can work together to create one big image of the iconic LEGO® Minifigure!

LEGO® BrickHeadz™ - French Bulldog

Kids can get to know fun and adorable animals with this simple building set of two dogs – a fully grown french bulldog with a blue scarf and the cute puppy alongside.

Great for display alongside other LEGO® BrickHeadz™ sets, these dogs also come with a buildable red fire hydrant.

LEGO® Creator 3in1 – Medieval Castle

Kids can get to grips with fantasy worlds and more advanced builds with this detailed castle toy from LEGO® Creator 3in1! Featuring an opening gate, a turning water mill, as well as loads of rooms to explore, it’s a great way to foster an interest in the medieval world as well as develop building skills.

The set hinges open at the back for play inside and can be rebuilt into two other models, including a castle tower with a catapult, or a bustling medieval marketplace.

LEGO® Architecture – London

Young architects can get their start building the entire skyline of London landmarks in this 468-piece set. Familiar sights like Tower Bridge and Big Ben, as well as the London Eye, all make it a memorable view and a great way to encourage kids to start building.

The bridge can be raised to let the ship pass through or lowered to allow traffic to cross, and the set comes with a “London” baseplate that makes it ideal for a display alongside other architectural projects.

LEGO® NINJAGO® City Gardens

Take the building skills of kids 6 years and older to the next level with this massive 5685-piece challenge! The largest LEGO® NINJAGO® set ever, there are three floors, including an ice cream shop, a noodle house, the control room, and even a museum celebrating the history of the ninja team – all of whom are included as Minifigures.

Kids who love to build will find this set massively rewarding as they assemble different areas, working together with friends or taking on the task by themselves. Then when it’s done, it’s the ideal set for loads of cool adventures and play.

LEGO® Classic – Large Creative Brick Box

Build up kids’ creativity with this LEGO® Classic set of 790 pieces in a range of colors and shapes!

Using the included instructions, they can put together models like a two-story house, a scooter, a camera, or a skyline – or they can use their own imaginations to create new and unusual ideas straight from their minds.

This is a great set for children who love to come up with their own approach to challenges, as well as great for playing together with friends.

LEGO® City – Fire Station

Kids can learn about real-world heroes and the challenges they face – as well as building emotional awareness – with this great set dedicated to taking on fires from land and air! 

The helicopter’s rotors really spin as the fireteam swoops in to save the day from above, while the fire engine on the ground packs a water element shooter for knocking those flames right out. 

There’s also a ladder for rescuing a cat stuck up a tree, and the fire station itself offers three stories for play with the Minifigures.

LEGO City – Police Station

Children will love learning about the work of police officers with this massive police playset! With a Road Plate for connecting to other LEGO® City sets, and five minifigures to bring the action to life, the possibilities for imagination are endless.

The set includes a patrol vehicle, helicopter, and criminal garbage truck, which the bad guys can use to connect to the breakout function and get their ally out from behind bars and back on the run! The police will need to mobilize all their forces if they’re to get things back under control.

LEGO City – Lunar Research Base

Learning with this set is an experience that’s out of this world! Kids can develop an interest in outer space with this cool rocket and dome as well as the astronaut Minifigures.

There are laboratories, a garage, and an airlock, as well as accommodation for the figures to stay in, and the set comes with vehicles like a lander, drone, rover, and moon buggy to make the Moon feel closer than ever for budding young space travelers.

LEGO City – Rocket Launch Center

Blast off! This in-depth rocket set will launch kids’ imaginations to the stars with realistic touches like the launch tower, attached boosters, and service vehicle and planet rover, all inspired by real NASA machines, vehicles and spacecraft, plus inspiring astronaut characters for imaginative, realistic space play.

Kids will feel just like real astronauts as they count down to the launch and set off with the different Minifigures as they head to outer space, while scientists in the control center keep track of all the vital statistics of the mission.

LEGO® DOTS – Cute Banana Pen Holder

Support learning in style with this adorable pen holder from LEGO® DOTS.

Kids can decorate using a range of facial expressions and redecorate the banana on the fly to suit their mood, style, and surroundings.

They’re sure not to slip up on their education when they’ve got their stationery organized in this appealing banana-themed pen holder!

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