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LEGO Publishing works with some of the world’s best publishers to create books and magazines that spark creativity, fire the imagination and foster a love of reading and building with LEGO bricks. We call it Playful Reading – where books and LEGO bricks come together to inspire creative play and make reading fun!

Playful Reading – where bricks and books click

Something unique happens when you combine reading with LEGO building. Our stories and activities give kids great ideas to build with their LEGO bricks, which makes reading fun! This is the essence of Playful Reading – a unique combination that encourages Learning Through Play and fosters a love of reading.

Discover these great books from LEGO Publishing

Cute Ideas

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Build Your Own Adventure

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price8490 Ft

Magical Treasury

Price8490 Ft

A Visual History

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price12990 Ft

The LEGO® Games Book

Average rating1out of 5 stars
Price6590 Ft

A Visual History

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price12990 Ft

100 Ways to Rebuild the World

Price4490 Ft

LEGO Books and Magazines

Stories inspire play, and play makes reading fun! Whether it’s a brand new LEGO NINJAGO adventure, a hilarious new caper in LEGO City or an original story about the joy of LEGO building, kids will love the unique combination of stories and building in our books and magazines.


Fun activities with LEGO books keep kids entertained for hours and inspire young builders to use their creativity and imagination. With pop-up play scenes and build and play activities for kids of all ages, these Playful Reading books are bursting with ideas for young hands and minds to explore.


Perfect gifts for adults who love the LEGO brand. From coffee-table books that celebrate The LEGO Group’s rich history and the creative possibilities of the brick to fun and quirky humor books, puzzles and stationery, there’s something for every fan to show their LEGO love.

Building ideas

You can build anything you can imagine with LEGO bricks, and these inspirational build books are crammed full of new and original creations for builders of all ages. With creative ideas to suit every occasion or theme, these books will bring your bricks to life and teach even the most skilled builder a new trick.

Learning with LEGO bricks

Building with LEGO bricks helps develop important life skills such as creativity, self-expression and problem solving, as well as embodying core STEAM principles… but most importantly, LEGO building makes learning fun! LEGO books combine ideas, information and challenges to help children learn through play.


Explore favorite LEGO themes and discover new facts about LEGO sets and minifigures with in-depth guides for LEGO fans. These captivating books will satisfy a child’s natural thirst for knowledge and encourage kids to lose themselves in reading.