What is LEGO® Minecraft®?

What is LEGO® Minecraft®?

LEGO® Minecraft® is our celebration of one of the most innovative and successful video games ever! Plus, it’s block-based, so we kind of have to love it… Alongside authentic Minecraft characters, our physical pieces take all the action and storytelling of the creative construction game and place it squarely (or should we say ‘cube’-ly…) into your kids’ hands.
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A turtle house with creative fun inside & out

Players create a Turtle Beach House on an island in the Ocean biome, where they can eat, sleep, craft – and battle!

Nothing beats crafting with friends

From bedrooms to playgrounds, LEGO® Minecraft® unites friends for wholesome, story-telling fun. You know, like annihilating terrifying wardens!

Build Like a Minecrafter

Check out our latest LEGO® Minecraft® designer video to learn a bit more about all the hard work that goes on behind the bricks.

Build-and-battle action in the Desert biome

Kids build a Minecraft® base in the Desert biome, then defend it against a flying phantom who swoops down to attack!

Minecraft® adventures – with baby animals!

Minecraft® adventures are packed with mobs. Some of them are hostile mobs, but in this case, they are friendly baby mobs!


A tough explorer and creative builder who is one of the two protagonists of the game alongside...


Creative, daredevil explorer who’s always up for a new adventure.


Hostile mobs with the most lethal melee attack in the game. Beware!


Don’t look at the Enderman, unless you want him running at you!


Weird-looking hostile mobs with an annoying tendency to explode near you.


The ghast shoots discs from its mouth and has a reputation for destroying portals, trapping players forever!


Saddle them up or turn them into pork chops.


Adventure awaits when you ride the camel into desert Minecraft® missions!


Pesky, undead hostile mobs.


Slime-eating, ribbity friends.

Bee (Neutral)

(Mostly) friendly little pollinators.

Baby Zombie

Like a normal zombie, but cuter.

Let’s go places

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