The Wolf Stronghold

Small parts.

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Fortress playset for Minecraft® players

Indulge kids’ passion for creative adventures, fortress toys and Minecraft® characters with The Wolf Stronghold LEGO® set.
Creative builds for gamers

Build, play and display

The hands-on Minecraft® action begins right away with creative building and real-world gaming action.

LEGO® Minecraft® The Wolf Stronghold

The Wolf Tamer’s base

The base features a big wolf’s head above the entrance.

Customisable wolf figure

Kids can switch the wolf’s face from friendly to angry.

Minecrafting equipment

Crafting table, blast furnace, anvil and smithing table.

Supplies chest

Contains a Netherite ingot, berries and wolf-taming bones.

Explore the forest

Includes a tree, boulder, mushroom and sweet berry bush.

2 Minecraft® skeletons

With a bow and arrow, enchanted bow and diamond helmet.

More real-world, build‑and‑play gaming

Players can bring more Minecraft® adventures to life with other sets in the range (sold separately).
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