Sustainable packaging

We have an ambition to make our packaging more sustainable. This means introducing recyclable packaging across all areas of our business from our core products to licensed products produced by our partners. Currently, 93% of our packaging by weight is made from paper, cardboard and other paper-based materials. A large majority of our packaging will be without single-use plastic by the end of 2025. As we need to take the timeline of our capacity expansions into consideration, the full transition will be completed in 2026.

LEGO character covering LEGO bricks with packaging

Purpose of packaging

Our packaging is designed to provide the best experience when unpacking LEGO® sets. For example, bags in LEGO boxes have numbers printed on them relating to the steps in our Building Instructions, which supports the building process.

But even before a LEGO set reaches the hands of a builder, the packaging is doing its job, for example by providing information and inspiration, and by protecting the LEGO set inside. We don’t want any bricks to go missing.

FSC logo and LEGO character in the shape of a green bush

Packaging materials

It’s our aim that all our packaging will be made from responsibly sourced materials that are either renewable or made from recycled content and certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C117818).

We promote recycling and provide guidance on how to responsibly recycle LEGO packaging.

Packshot of two LEGO City products on a yellow background

LEGO® boxes

Our LEGO boxes are made of cardboard (corrugated fiberboard PAP20 or non-corrugated fiberboard PAP21) from responsibly sourced materials certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C117818).

LEGO boxes can be recycled where infrastructure and access to paper and cardboard recycling exist.

Hands of kids playing with LEGO bricks among paper-based bags

Bags in LEGO boxes

During 2023, we continued to introduce paper-based bags made with paper from Forest Stewardship Council®-certified (FSC® C117818) forests and FSC-controlled wood in our LEGO boxes. More than 180 paper-based materials were tested before we created the bags that are being rolled out now at our factories in the Czech Republic, Hungary and China. The roll-out will continue across the Americas throughout 2024.

Packshot of LEGO Classic Green Baseplate in paper-based packaging

LEGO baseplate packaging

Since 2022 we are using paper-based packaging for our LEGO® baseplates, which used to be wrapped in single-use plastic. The packaging is made from paper with a thin plastic coating on the inside, which enables sealing of the packaging and helps protect the product.

  • Illustration of yellow shopping bag with circular arrows

    Shopping bags

    We began phasing out single-use plastic retail bags in our LEGO® Stores globally in 2020.

  • Illustration of a blister pack


    We have stopped producing packaging with single-use plastic blisters – the transparent windows which allow a sneak peek into boxes.

Bricks jumping out of a box

We believe good toys should never go to waste