LEGO fantasy build

The power of play

When children play they can build valuable life skills while having fun. Learning through play enables children to solve problems creatively, boosting confidence and resilience.
LEGO employee playing with kids

Local community engagement

Through our local community engagement programs, employees volunteer to support the children who need it most.
A young girl in a refugee camp

Supporting children affected by crises

To help the millions of vulnerable children affected by crises, we launched the Emergency Relief Response Policy along with the LEGO Foundation to provide support for families in armed conflict and natural disaster zones.

Partnership with UNICEF

Together, the LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation and UNICEF empower children to become creative, engaged and lifelong learners through play.
Drawn figures playing

Learn through play with the PLAYLIST

Find fun activities for the entire family with our ever-growing collection of playful learning activities on our PLAYLIST, created in collaboration with the LEGO Foundation.