LEGO® Builder – Build Together

It’s time to Build Together!

Time to assemble your dream team! Put everyone’s building skills to the test with our new Build Together mode in the LEGO® Builder app!

Step-by-step guide

Download the app

Simply search for LEGO® Builder

Open the app, find your set

and choose ‘Build Together’

Get ready with your team

Open the LEGO® Builder app on all devices

Build the set together!

Let the app guide your creation brick by brick

Ready to start building?

Unlimited Build Together possibilities awaits

Unleash your imagination with the LEGO® Builder App! Discover a vast universe of LEGO sets, all at your fingertips. Just keep an eye out for the Build Together icon.

Quality time for the whole family

Team up to tackle everything from rockets to superhero hideouts. There’s a place for everyone in our Build Together adventure. Quick builders, beginners or slow constructors, each brick matters.
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