Public Policy

Government & Public Affairs at The LEGO Group is driven by our vision to be a global force for Learning through Play. We engage with governments and related stakeholders to help shape a global environment where all children can learn the skills they need to thrive and realize their full potential.

Intellectual Property Rights

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  • Protecting the LEGO® brand is paramount to innovating and globalising Learning through Play.

    One of the key goals for the government and public affairs team is to enable the protection of the LEGO Group’s intellectual property rights, such as the brand's such as the brand’s trademarks and copyrights. We drive these efforts through engagement with relevant government stakeholders and influencers who frame policy, legislations and enforcement programs in countries throughout the globe. Through these engagements, our goal is to drive awareness and action towards protecting the LEGO Group's intellectual property rights and enabling a safer ecosystem for brand protection in the countries we operate in.

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Environmental Sustainability

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  • A better, brighter world for our children to inherit

    At the LEGO Group, we’re playing our part in building a sustainable future and creating a better, brighter world for our children to inherit. That means supporting our team of 150 materials experts to find ways to improve our product and redesigning our packaging so that it will be made from sustainably sourced materials that are either renewable or made from recycled content. We are also working hard to limit our CO2 impact and minimize our waste, as well as investing in new ideas that help us on our journey to be more circular as a business.

    We work with government stakeholders and policymakers around the world to encourage the creation of a policy environment that drives these innovations and supports sustainable practices that make a positive impact on society and the planet.

Responsible Digital Engagement

As digital technology plays an increasingly important role in how children play, learn, create and build bonds with friends and family, the LEGO Group has set out on an ambitious digital transformation journey.

At the LEGO Group, we believe that when digital technology is designed with children’s needs and interests in mind it has the potential to enrich their play experiences and to positively impact their lives. And so, as we innovate for the future, we commit to protecting children’s rights and fostering their wellbeing throughout our design process and across all our touchpoints.

This starts by embedding a safety-by-design, privacy-by design and inclusive and equitable approach, underpinned by robust policies and trusted partnerships with world-leading experts. It extends beyond protection to ensuring that children have access to the opportunities that digital innovation can create. Opportunities to empower children, to give them a voice and to equip them and their parents or caregivers with the skills and knowledge to flourish in a digital era.

We recognise the power of collaboration and partnership and are committed to working proactively and openly with industry, governments and civil society towards a sustainable, child-centric digital future that prioritises the rights and well-being of all children.

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Read about the Responsible Innovation in Technology for Children (RITEC), an international research project from UNICEF, the LEGO Group and child development experts, which is developing tools to empower businesses and policymakers to protect and promote children's well-being in a digital age.

Learning through Play

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  • Inspiring the builders of tomorrow through playful learning

    At the LEGO Group we are committed to inspiring the builders of tomorrow through playful learning.

    We work to realise this mission by engaging relevant political and civil society actors at the multinational, national and regional level. Together with the LEGO Foundation, we establish partnerships, leverage existing research and advocate for the protection of children’s right to play and learn. We also engage policy makers to implement education policy reforms that will equip children with the skills to thrive in an ever-changing world.

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