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Welcome to the Marvel Universe!

LEGO® Marvel construction sets put fans at the center of the Marvel Universe. What universe will you build?

Boost Marvel fans’ creative superpowers

Both young and adult heroes can share endless imaginative adventures with LEGO® Marvel build-and-play sets.
  • Thor’s mighty hammer, for adult enthusiasts

    Celebrate Marvel Studios’ Infinity Saga with this build-and-display Mjölnir, the devastating weapon deployed by the God of Thunder.
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Monster fun with Doctor Strange

Anything can happen when Doctor Strange takes on Gargantos, the raging, one-eyed, giant creature with long, green, grabbing tentacles.

Spider-Man: The web-slinging teen

The masked teenager with the spider-like superpowers leaps, climbs and swings through town as he battles super villains and brings bad guys to justice.

Games to unleash your inner hero

LEGO® Marvel video games are bursting with colorful characters, exciting adventures and innovative features to ensure a great gaming experience, every time.
  • Step into the Eternals’ spaceship

    Meet the warship featured in Marvel Studios’ Eternals
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Meet LEGO® Marvel heroes and villains

Looking for LEGO® Marvel minifigures? Then check out the full cast of cool, collectible characters here.
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