Mosaic Maker

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Limit 5

Turn any picture into a LEGO® portrait

With the LEGO® Mosaic Maker set you can build a LEGO portrait of yourself, your pet, your friends... anyone!

Pixelate it.

Upload an image and create your own LEGO portrait.

Save it.

Download your LEGO portrait onto your device.

Build it.

Bring your LEGO portrait to life with your LEGO® Mosaic Maker set.

Try Mosaic Maker in store!

Ready to picture yourself in LEGO® bricks? Find out how you can book your Mosaic Maker experience now!
Everything you need for a LEGO® portrait.The LEGO® Mosaic Maker includes 4,702 LEGO bricks in 5 colours – white, light grey, dark grey, black and yellow – and a 48x48 LEGO baseplate. Simply upload your portrait online to make your design.
Upload your image, order your LEGO Mosaic Maker set and smile - you're now a LEGO portrait!

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