Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City™

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Small parts.
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Bring Gotham City™ to life

With the ultimate set for fans of Batman: The Animated Series.

The search is on

Inspired by the iconic opening credits of Batman: The Animated Series, this new set recreates the dynamic colours and familiar buildings of the Gotham City™ skyline. But it’s what you don’t see immediately that is the real surprise here. Fans will find that every detail, vehicle, structure and decoration has been taken from a specific scene, episode or moment from the ground-breaking series.

Look closer – what will you find?

Meet Alfred at stately Wayne Manor

Grab a drink at The Stacked Deck

Find the Joker™ at the Ace Chemical Processing Plant

Visit the Arkham Botanical Gardens

Capture Harley Quinn™ and Poison Ivy™

Save Catwoman™ at the cat food company

Showcase your passion

Use the wall mount or flip stand to display this impressive model.

Uncover hidden scenes as you build Gotham City™

Each bag is connected to a Batman: The Animated Series episode.

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Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City™

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Read all about the hidden secrets of Gotham City™

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