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Best LEGO® Toys for 8-Year-Old Girls

Best Toys for 8-Year-Old Girls

As they move through the first few years of school, your 8-year-old is at a crucial stage in their learning and development. This is the age where their imaginations take flight, and LEGO® toys are the perfect way to inspire their adventures.

Whether it's nurturing a love for animals, reliving favorite movie moments, or conjuring spells from fantasy worlds, there's a LEGO set to ignite their passions.

Check out this epic list of gifts designed to empower and excite 8-year-old girls of all interests!

Disney Princess Market Adventure

Imagine a bustling marketplace filled with adventure, where you can build shops with your favorite Disney princess characters. The LEGO®│Disney Princess Market Adventure (43246) lets Disney Princess fans aged 6+ do just that!

Kids can create a magical world with 4 shops, a wishing fountain, and even collectible rings to customize. They’ll love dreaming up their own epic quests with the included mini-dolls of Disney’s Ariel, Aurora, Tiana, and Cinderella.

With so many fun details and cool accessories, this fun LEGO set guarantees a royally good time!

Pop Star Music Tour

Cruise the highway to hit-making fame with the LEGO® Friends Pop Star Music Tour Bus (42619)!

This awesome set lets kids build a superstar's dream ride, complete with a recording studio, comfy bunks, and a bathroom. But the real magic happens when they transform Paisley the shy musician into Ley-La, the dazzling pop icon, with the help of a cool rotating mirror!

With 4 mini-dolls, tons of instruments and accessories, and endless storylines to create, this LEGO Friends set is the perfect gift for any young music lover ready to become a legend.

White Rabbit

Up for some 3-in-1 furry fun? The LEGO® Creator 3in1 White Rabbit (31133) lets kids aged 8 and up build a cuddly bunny with wiggly ears and a choice of yummy snacks – a juicy carrot or a pretty flower.

But the fun doesn’t end there. This awesome set also transforms into a stunning cockatoo parrot munching on seeds, or a playful white seal with a fishy friend. Each build features awesome posable parts for even more storytelling possibilities.

So grab your bricks and get ready to explore the forest, soar through the trees, or dive deep into the ocean – the choice is yours!

Kapp'n's Island Boat Tour

Young Animal Crossing™ fans can bring their island adventures into the real world with the LEGO® Animal Crossing Kapp’n’s Island Boat Tour (77048)!

This customizable set lets them hop aboard Kapp’n the turtle’s boat, traveling to a desert island to meet Marshal the squirrel. There are tons of game-inspired adventures to have on the island, including collecting bamboo, fishing, and digging for hidden Bells. Kids can even rearrange the baseplates to mix up the island’s layout, inspiring new adventures every time!

Adorable Dogs

Unleash a world of playful pup possibilities with the LEGO® Creator 3in1 Adorable Dogs (31137) set! This cute set lets animal lovers build not just one, but three adorable dog breeds – a playful beagle, a fluffy poodle, and a loyal Labrador.

Each pup features posable heads, tails, and ears, plus fun accessories like food bowls, leashes, and even a squeaky toy rabbit. And with a little rebuilding magic, kids can transform their furry friends into two whole new packs: a dapper schnauzer and a pug, or a majestic husky and a long-haired dachshund!

With so many cute canines to choose from, this is the perfect toy for 8-year-old girls with a passion for pooches.

The Frog House

Welcome to the LEGO® Minecraft® The Frog House (21256), the coolest pad in the swamp!

This awesome set lets Minecraft® fans build a giant, friendly frog-shaped house complete with a working roof for easy access. Inside, they'll find all the home comforts for a Minecraft hero, including a bed, a crafting table, and even a yummy cake.

Head outside to the farm and harvest some crops, cast your line in the lake for some fishing, or explore with a crew of friendly frogs. There’s also a zombie, a drowned villager, and a mischievous slime to keep things interesting!

Hogwarts™ Castle Boathouse

Ever wonder what it's like to arrive at Hogwarts™ for the very first time? Now, kids aged 8+ can recreate that magical moment with the LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Castle Boathouse (76426)!

Build 2 iconic boats, big enough for Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville, then head to the detailed boathouse. There's a secret hiding spot for Trevor the toad, a cool wind vane, and one of 14 collectable golden portraits.

Featuring 7 magical minifigures, this set is the perfect way to bring the wonder of Hogwarts™ to life.

LEGO® Daffodils

Let creativity bloom with these beautiful LEGO® Daffodils (40747)!

These stunning yellow-and-white flowers are sure to brighten up any room, featuring 4 stems and adjustable leaves for a custom display. The best part? They’ll never wilt, so your 8-year-old can build her very own everlasting bouquet!

For an even more dynamic display, these daffodils can also be combined with other floral sets in the LEGO® Botanical Collection (sold separately).

Hogwarts™ Castle Owlery

Hoot, hoot! Step into the magical world of the LEGO® Harry Potter™ Hogwarts™ Castle Owlery (76430) with this enchanting set.

Build the iconic tower where Harry's feathered friends live, complete with perches for Hedwig™, Pigwidgeon, and all their owl buddies. Help Harry and Cho Chang™ send letters, care for the owls with nurturing accessories, and even discover one of 14 collectible Hogwarts portraits hidden inside.

Keep an eye out for other modular LEGO Harry Potter™ sets to build your very own replica of Hogwarts castle!

The Nether Portal Ambush

Brace yourself for epic Minecraft® battles!

With the LEGO® Minecraft Nether Portal Ambush (21255), young gamers can build a fiery Nether scene complete with a custom-skinned Orc warrior ready to take on all challengers. Explore spooky trees, dodge fiery magma cubes, and face off against a disc-shooting ghast – but watch out, it might destroy the portal and trap you forever!

This action-packed set is perfect for any Minecraft fan aged 8 and up who craves adventure on the edge of the Nether.

Cinderella and Prince Charming's Castle

Build, play, and dream big with the LEGO® | Disney Cinderella and Prince Charming’s Castle (43206) set.

This magical set features a 3-story castle filled with fun details, like a spinning dance floor for the Cinderella and Prince Charming mini-dolls, a dress-up studio for outfit changes, and even a secret cat door for a mischievous feline friend.

Featuring 3 mini-dolls, 2 adorable LEGO animal figures, and tons of accessories, this set lets young Disney fans recreate their favorite moments from the movie – or dream up entirely new adventures!

Mars Space Base and Rocket

Go an out-of-this-world adventure with the LEGO® Friends Mars Space Base and Rocket (42605)!

This stellar set gives young space fans everything they need to build a rocket and modular research base on the rocky surface of Mars. The base includes customizable living and research pods, with areas for science, communication, growing food, and relaxing after a long day of work. There’s even a rover, drone and tools for exploring the red planet!

There’s no end to the creative role-play possibilities, with 3 mini-dolls of LEGO Friends characters and a cute space cat figure to join in the fun.

Olly and Paisley's Family Houses

Take friendship to fun new heights with this intricate dollhouse building toy! Kids aged 7 and up will love building the LEGO® Friends Olly and Paisley’s Family Houses (42620) from the ground up, exploring the friendship between the neighbors as they go.

Each 2-story house is packed with charming details, from the collection of fashion drawings in Olly’s bedroom to Paisley’s guitar. Kids can hang out with the LEGO Friends in their family homes, or even meet up in the tree house!

This buildable set comes with 5 mini-dolls, a micro-doll, 2 pet figures and plenty of accessories for hours of friendship fun.

Creative Pets

The LEGO® Classic Creative Pets (11034) box is bursting with 450 colorful bricks, including special pieces for eyes and mouths, so kids can build all sorts of adorable animal friends. Follow the easy instructions to create a playful pup with a bone, a curious cat on a stand, a munching hamster, a cute bunny, or a sweet little bird.

Kids can also use the included tips – and their own imaginations – to rebuild their pets in all sorts of silly ways!

With endless possibilities and 10 inspirational ideas to get started, this LEGO® set is the perfect toy for 8-year-old girls to explore their creativity.

Looking for even more LEGO® toys?

Whether you’re after an educational set for a 12-year-old or something to please an adult fan, we’ve got LEGO® sets to suit all ages. Explore our extensive collection today and find exactly what you’re looking for!