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Best Christmas Toys for Kids

LEGO® Christmas Gifts

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Best Christmas Toys for Kids

With the festive season being such a busy time, finding the best Christmas gift for your kids can be daunting. When there are so many toys to choose from, it can be difficult to uncover something that will fill their days with festive memories.

That’s why we’ve made a list of the best LEGO® Christmas toys for kids that will spark their imagination and bring beloved pastimes to life. Discover sets that encourage kids to make up their own stories in real-world settings, as well as immersing them in their favourite fictional universes with characters they know and love.

With these gift ideas, your kids will be sure to have a memorable Christmas this year!

Botanical Garden

Get lost in the breathtaking scenery of the LEGO® Friends Botanical Garden, designed for kids aged 12 and over.

This stunning set captures the essence of a botanical garden with exotic plants drawn from real-life species and a transparent dome featuring a rotating butterfly function. The greenhouse comes with garden accessories to help kids dive into their world of play with three LEGO mini-doll figures.

This build is perfect for kindling your kid’s imagination – whether they’re a keen nature lover or want to discover more about the natural world, surprise them with a creative project they’ll never forget!

100 Years of Disney Animation Icons

Create wall art like no other! Showcase everyone’s favourite characters with this LEGO® ǀ Disney 100 Years of Disney Animation Icons set. Kids aged 6+ will have the chance to build and display the Disney characters that have touched their hearts.

From the extraordinary Elsa to the cheeky chipmunks Chip and Dale, kids will boost their creative skills as they work together to create a collage of their favourite characters. Once built, the set includes a frame and hanger so your kids can display their artwork on the wall.

There’s even a LEGO | Disney’s Mickey Mouse minifigure included, with a brush and palette at the ready!

Main Street

Main Street is where it’s all happening! The LEGO® Creator 3in1 Main Street building set is a brilliant Christmas toy for kids aged 9 and up.

If you have dedicated LEGO builders that will cheer at the thought of endless play, then this set is the one to get. Main Street captures the hustle and bustle of city life with four different buildings that can be transformed into a busy high street, a four-storey art deco apartment building, or even an archway market street.

Kids will explore the city with six LEGO minifigures and, with access to the back of each model, they can easily move through the various rooms. The set comes with a wide range of accessories to encourage creative world-building – kids can help the coffee shop worker prepare drinks or the rooftop band play their music!

Deep-Sea Explorer Submarine

Plunge into an underwater world of adventure with the LEGO® City Deep-Sea Explorer Submarine!

With a high-tech submarine and a state-of-the-art laboratory, your kids will have all the equipment they need to dive into the depths of the sea. Young explorers can use the underwater drone and mech-style diving suit to explore the sea bed. Will they find the treasure surrounded by sharks and jellyfish?

This is the ideal build and play experience for courageous LEGO fans who boldly follow their imagination on exciting adventures.

The Axolotl House

Step into the world of LEGO® Minecraft® and build an underwater base with this iconic set.

There are plenty of features for Minecraft fans to enjoy, from looking after the game’s most lovable creature, the Axolotl, to protecting the treasure hidden deep within the house. Gamers will also recognise familiar characters such as the drowned zombie, two adult axolotls, a dolphin and a puffer fish!

This is the best Christmas gift for kids that need some downtime from their screens. Tapping into the creativity of kids aged 7 and over, this set lets them bring Minecraft adventures into the real world.

Amy’s Animal Rescue Island

Join Amy and Tails on their mission to defend their animal friends with this LEGO® Sonic the Hedgehog™ Amy’s Animal Rescue Island, geared towards kids aged 7 and over.

Amy and Tails need help protecting the animals from the mischievous Badnik. Kids can choose between constructing traps for their troublesome foe, or engage in animal-care role play. Whichever option they choose, bringing the adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog to life has never been more fun!

With six characters plus tons of accessories, your kids will have everything they need to enjoy hours of creative play this Christmas.

Icons of Play

Organise the sporting event of the year this Christmas with the LEGO® Icons of Play buildable toy set.

With players on the field and their fans cheering them on from the sidelines, your kids will be ready to begin an unforgettable game of football. The set has 15 minifigures, including some international star players, such as Megan Rapinoe, Yūki Nagasato, Sam Kerr and Asisat Oshoala.

Keep score with the scoreboard and VAR station. Once the final whistle blows, place the victors of the match on the ceremonial stage to collect the winner’s trophy!

Adorable Dogs

Why limit the fun to one dog when you can have fun with two or even three this Christmas?

The LEGO® Creator 3in1 Adorable Dogs building set lets kids aged 7 and over play with three different groups of dogs, with breeds including a poodle, beagle, Labrador, miniature schnauzer, pug, husky and long-haired dachshund. The brick-built dogs all have posable heads, tails and ears, as well as foldable legs and paws.

Dog training isn’t an easy endeavour, which is why this set comes with all the essentials. Canine lovers can make the most of accessories such as the food bowl, rubber bone, ball and hairbrush to have fun with their new furry friends!

Ski and Climbing Centre

Kids aged 7+ can feel the cold mountain breeze as they race down the trails this Christmas!

This toy ski centre offers the most thrilling play experience for kids who love winter sports. With a three-level building, they won’t run out of areas to carry out their imaginative adventures: a winter-sports café, a working lift and a climbing wall are all ready to be set up and used for endless fun.

The set comes with a selection of realistic vehicles and a snowy slope for skiing or snowboarding. Kids will need to bring all their skills and fearless spirit to showcase their most daring stunts!

Spider Tank

Experience one of the most challenging battles from Season 3 of Star Wars: The Mandalorian with this LEGO® brick-built Spider Tank toy. Kids aged 9 and up can team up with their favourite characters, with included LEGO® Star Wars™ minifigures of The Mandalorian himself, Bo-Katan Kryze and Grogu.

Star Wars fans won’t be expected to lead their heroes into battle empty handed. They’ll have the infamous darksaber, blasters and jetpack elements, while the Spider Tank’s flexible claws and elevating hatch with two stud shooters make it a difficult enemy to beat.

The Mandalorian team-up is going to need all the help it can get. Whether it’s jetpack-flying or force-wielding, your kids will tap into all the wonders of the Star Wars™ universe with this amazing buildable toy!

Destiny’s Bounty - Race Against Time

Kids can now explore the upgraded NINJAGO® Destiny's Bounty vehicle with the Race Against Time playset reimagined as an airship. Young ninjas aged 9+ can take part in the action from the NINJAGO Dragons Rising TV series as they fly Master Wu, Arin, Sora, Lloyd, Kai and Rapton over the newly merged world.

Kids can equip the airship with stud shooters, adjustable sails and rotating engines to maximise their aviation skills. To make the fun more immersive, the roof can be taken off to reveal the interior for more play possibilities, and the playset also includes an elemental dragon and a Baby Riyu model.

Watch your kids take flight this Christmas as they join in the most exciting ninja action!

Marvel Construction Figures

Assemble Earth’s mightiest heroes this Christmas with our collection of LEGO® Marvel Construction Figures.

Kids can build Ant-Man, one of the powerful members of the Avengers, forming a fully jointed Ant-Man Construction Figure (76256). Watch as they have fun playing with the hero famous for his heists and the ability to shrink down into the Quantum Realm to face Marvel’s most dangerous villain yet. They will of course have the help of Ant-Man’s trusty companion, the Wasp, with a microfigure version of her that attaches to the hero’s arm.

Let your kids put their strength and valour to the test with a Captain America Construction Figure (76258). The figure’s moveable arms and legs let kids place the super-soldier in his most heroic position, equipped with his vibranium shield to defend against malevolent forces.

And don’t forget about the extraordinary X-Men when it comes to the fight against evil. Your kids can take a Wolverine Construction Figure (76257) along on their action-packed adventures, equipped with extended claws on each hand!

Ant-Man Construction Figure

Average rating4.6out of 5 stars
Price34,99 €
- 20%

Captain America Construction Figure

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price37,99 €Sale Price30,39 €
- 30%

Wolverine Construction Figure

Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
Price37,99 €Sale Price26,59 €

Cat Hotel

Welcome to the 5-star LEGO® Friends Cat Hotel!

As Olly and Naomi drop their cherished pets off at the hotel, they discover a feline paradise where cats are looked after and pampered. The set comes with three rooms for the carefree cats to explore, and even a tree for them to climb. After all the excitement, there are comfy couches for the guests to relax and purr, or take a cat nap!

The perfect Christmas gift for kids aged 6 and over, they’ll have everything they need to ensure a comfortable stay for their important guests this season.

Looking for even more LEGO® sets?

Now that you’ve got a gift for young builders to dive into, why not find something for the adults to bring out their inner child this festive season?

You can make the most of family time this Christmas with LEGO® sets that bring everyone together. Have a browse through our range of gift ideas for the whole family to fill your home with festive joy!

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