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The Top 7 LEGO® Firetruck Toys for Kids

Know someone with a burning desire to save the day? Bring the fun of firetrucks to playtime and spark a passion for helping others.

Get everyone to safety in style with the best LEGO® fire engine toys, and make your young firefighters feel like real life heroes!

LEGO® City – Fire Command Unit

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Fire Command Unit

Average rating4.9out of 5 stars
Price49,99 €

The science lab has had an experiment go wrong, and there’s only one team on call to help put out the blaze!

Stack the LEGO flames high on the lab structure, then call in LEGO City Adventures TV characters Bob and Feldman, as well as their firefighting robot friend, Toastie, to shoot down the blaze.

Play out stories from the popular LEGO City Adventures TV series as Bob and Feldman show up in their fire engine, with its cherry picker arm to get them to the top of the towering inferno.

Once they’re in position, roll Toastie off the back of the truck to shoot water elements from the working cannon to put the fire out!

LEGO City – Downtown Fire Brigade

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Downtown Fire Brigade

Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price99,99 €
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This fire truck toy with lights and siren is sure to make any young hero feel like the real thing.

Get the extending swivel ladder in position and aim the fire hose to launch water elements at the flames all the way up to the top of the three-story building.

The danger’s only getting worse with the falling lamppost – keep the functioning crane clear as the fire helicopter with opening cockpit comes in to pick up those trapped at the top of the structure.<br>

If you need to get there quickly, this massive 943-piece set includes a motorbike.

LEGO City – Burger Bar Fire Rescue

Take flame-grilled to a whole new level when you rescue the grill chef from a burger recipe gone awry!

This burger bar features a sliding service window, a bin and a sign so you can start things off slow and normal before using the toppling fire elements to add some chaos!

After the bar catches fire, bring in the experts with their firetruck including a cab section for minifigures, two storage compartments, a rotating back end and a directional pump with water jet action.

You might also want some backup – the firefighter motorbike transports an extinguisher in to tackle the flames head on.

LEGO DUPLO® – Fire Station

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Fire Station

Average rating4.5out of 5 stars
Price49,99 €
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Toddlers love the excitement and action of firefighting – this easy-to-build LEGO DUPLO® fire truck is perfect for young children who want to grow up to save lives as well as for helping to build fine motor control.

Help the firefighter figures practice putting out the campfire, then have them climb the ladder to rescue the station dog in the tower. Hit the button on the fire truck for working lights and sirens, and get ready for the next rescue!

LEGO City – Fire Hazard Truck

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Fire Hazard Truck

Average rating4out of 5 stars
Price9,99 €
Out of stock

Kids can become everyday heroes with the fire hazard set as they clear a path through a dangerous forest fire.

Steer the fire truck by tilting it left and right, and sweep away the burning LEGO logs with the front plough.

Once the way is clear for everyone to escape, the firefighter minifigure can put out the flames with the stud-shooting fire hose on the truck and stay safe with his cool helmet.

LEGO City – Fire Ladder Truck

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Fire Ladder Truck

Average rating4.7out of 5 stars
Price19,99 €

Get straight to the action with this fully equipped fire truck, including a raisable extinguisher ladder to pour water straight onto problems.

Crewed by LEGO City Adventures TV character Freya McCloud and her firefighter partner, this set is ready for all sorts of adventures, whether it’s recreating stories from the TV series or something brand new!

The set features stackable LEGO flames to heighten the drama with bigger blazes, as well as a water hydrant to help supply the truck.

LEGO DUPLO – Fire Truck

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Fire Engine

Average rating4.3out of 5 stars
Price19,99 €
Out of stock

This iconic fire engine design with working lights and siren is just the thing to help your young ones learn and play.

Help your child build the tree so they can master basic construction skills, then lead them in a rescue of the young boy’s cat to help learn emotional awareness.

The fire engine includes an opening drawer for storing equipment, and a ladder to help reach the trapped kitty at the top of the tree.

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