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8 Best LEGO® Fall Craft Ideas for Kids

8 Best LEGO® Fall Craft Toys

When the season starts shifting towards bonfires, orange leaves on the ground and pumpkin spices, playtime gets crafty – and sometimes eerie!

To get stuck in with new creative projects this season, here are eight of the best LEGO® fall and harvest crafts you can put together with your young ones.

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LEGO® Friends Botanical Garden

With all the colorful leaves and fallen conkers, fall is the best time of the year for outdoor-lovers!

The LEGO® Friends Botanical Garden is the perfect set for kids aged 12 and over who marvel at all things nature. They can take in the beauty of different exotic plants and flowers, inspired by real-life species. 

The greenhouse’s transparent dome lets them admire the fluttering butterflies, making it a truly beautiful set to display. And with a variety of accessories included, kids can role play endless inspiring stories with the Liann, Nike and Adi figures!

LEGO® Icons Dried Flower Centerpiece

A fall-inspired floral arrangement to be cherished forever! 

Experienced builders who enjoy a challenge will love having a go at crafting this timeless centerpiece. The project will reward kids with a floral ornament to decorate the house with. They can admire their work and display it anywhere, impressing guests with their crafting skills! 

With a split design, this building set allows 2 people to work on the project – which means double the family quality time!

LEGO® Icons Succulents

Between the beautiful sunshine and colorful flowers, there are lots of things we wave goodbye to in the fall. Wouldn’t it be nice to have something that brightens up the winter months?

The LEGO® Botanical Collection presents an amazing fall project for dedicated crafters. Like the succulents that inspired the set, this display won’t shed any leaves as kids take to decorating this season. With 9 different plants to build, they’ll be busy for hours as they mindfully put the intricate pieces together.

After all their hard work, they can choose to display their creation as one big arrangement, or spruce up the house with individual placements.

LEGO® Friends Autumn’s House

Follow Mia, Leo and Aliya on a tour of Autumn’s cozy house, as she shows her guests around the kitchen, living room, bathroom and nature-inspired bedroom.

With the fall season upon us, Autumn’s apples will be ripe for picking – which means Leo will be busy in the kitchen baking lots of delicious pies. A steaming slice will go nicely next to a warming bonfire! 

Kids can find a set of binoculars on the balcony where the group of friends catch one last glimpse of the birds before they fly south for the winter. Autumn’s house is perfect for animal lovers, who can look after the ponies in the yard!

LEGO® Creator 3-in-1 Birdhouse

Kids with a love of animals and nature will have fun rebuilding this set in 3 different ways! 

There’s a birdhouse to build that they can perch 5 colorful garden birds on. Once they’ve had enough fun with the birds, they can turn the set into a busy beehive. They can even rebuild the scene into a park bench where they can play with a cute hedgehog and squirrel! 

And if they have enough play left in them after the 3 builds, they can put the colorful bricks to good use and create something from their own imagination!

LEGO® Minecraft® The Fox Lodge

Fall colors can look incredible on Minecraft – but how awesome would it be to see them in your room? 

The LEGO® Fox Lodge will have keen Minecrafters pulling their creative space from the screen this fall. Kids aged 8+ will have all the raw materials they need to build a house designed like a sleeping fox. With an open back and lift-off roof, they can access and refurbish the detailed interior whenever they like! 

Just like in the game, they’ll need to ensure the survival of the hero figure, along with the adult fox, baby fox and Arctic fox. The set also comes with a sword and rod to defend them from the drowned zombie!

LEGO® Classic – Medium Creative Brick Box

Spruce up your brick collection with a Medium Creative Brick Box with fall craft options for adults and kids alike.

You can build whatever you like with the massive range of colorful bricks, from a yellow car to a tiger to a card stand – or a miniature Halloween ghost!

There are endless instructions online for creating new ideas, or you can use the windows, eyes and wheels to build something entirely new.

LEGO® DUPLO® Organic Garden

With the change in weather, it’s not always ideal to have the kids playing outside. With the Organic Garden, you can bring the outdoors straight to them!

Farmers aged 1 ½ and up can play with tomato, carrot and watermelon toys, as well as a bumble bee and lady bird. The characters have expressive faces, allowing kids to explore a range of emotions. And with the help of the weather bricks, they’ll also come to understand how the trees and flowers in their garden grow! 

Once the pieces are packed away in the LEGO® DUPLO® brick box, they’ll be ready to race through a pumpkin patch with a better understanding of the world around them!

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