Best LEGO® Space sets for adults

Best LEGO® Space sets for adults

Space is as endlessly fascinating as it is endless. And whether you’re following the latest exploits of the world’s pioneering space agencies or lying on your back staring up at a ceiling of stars, space is sure to help inspire and amaze.

With this in mind, we thought we’d take a voyage through some of the space-themed sets that we’ve launched over the years. They feature some of our most challenging and rewarding builds and you can look forward to authentic details as you relive mankind’s most iconic space exploration moments.

Three, two, one, blast off!

LEGO® Art The Milky Way Galaxy

Take your love for stargazing to new dimensions as you build this incredible 3D art piece of the Milky Way Galaxy. This 3,091-piece LEGO® set includes some of the Milky Way’s most famous points of interest such as Trappist-1, the Pleiades, the Crab Nebula and the Pillars of Creation. And placing the ‘you are here’ brick among all these cosmic giants really puts things into perspective.

Immerse yourself completely in the vast beauty of the galaxy we call home and listen to our specially curated podcast while you build. Along with your host, Jack Gardner Vaa, the podcast lets you travel to outer space and includes some interesting facts about the Milky Way Galaxy from some amazing guests. Listen to Camille Bergin, an Aerospace Engineer who’s worked hands-on with the NASA Artemis Program, and Dr. Maggie Aderin-Pocock who’s a prominent science educator both as a teacher at the University of Leicester and through her own company. Last but not least, hear from the designer of the set, Adam Vaughan, about how it came to be.

Once built, hang this stunning piece of home décor and get lost in the infinity of space every time you look at it.

LEGO® Icons NASA Artemis Space Launch System

Launch your LEGO space exploration dreams and set a course for the Moon with this stunning replica of the NASA Artemis Space Launch System. This mindful building project is loaded with details such as an Orion spacecraft, crew bridge, detachable solid-fuel boosters, mobile launch tower and foldout solar panels. While the real thing is the largest and most powerful rocket made, this 3,601-piece LEGO set will fit into any home or office and is the perfect addition to a space-fan’s collection. Your voyage to the Moon and back becomes a relaxing journey for you to enjoy again and again.

LEGO® Ideas – Tales of the Space Age

When space and art collide, the opportunities are endless. Fans of both passions will adore the new LEGO® Ideas Tales of the Space Age set featuring four 3D postcards inspired by 1980’s sci-fi myths, movies, books and posters.

The 3D postcards can be displayed on your shelf or wall, either attached together or separately. Whatever way you choose to display them, they will look beautiful and the building experience will take you out of this world for a little while.

For impactful art that pays homage to the wonder and mystery of space, look no further than this cosmically colorful piece.

LEGO® NASA Space Shuttle Discovery

Photos by @yc_solo from the @BrickCentral community

If we asked you to picture a NASA spacecraft, there’s a good chance you’d picture the Space Shuttle Discovery. An iconic emblem of space exploration and a fan-favorite LEGO set, the NASA Space Shuttle Discovery set features authentic details, like retractable landing gear, opening cockpit, moving elevons, space arm, plus five seats for the crew. You can even open the payload bay and deploy the Hubble Telescope that includes its own great features, like movable solar panels and an aperture door.

As mindful as many of our sets are, there’s something especially mindful about this one, and while you build it you can imagine what it must have been like to be an astronaut staring out of the Discovery’s windows at the endless wonder of space.

Find out more about how this set will send you to another world of relaxation....

NASA Insignia and identifiers provided and used with permission of NASA. 

This product is developed in collaboration with the European Space Agency (ESA) for the purpose of fostering children’s interest in space science. ESA is not involved in the manufacturing and commercialisation of this product.!

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