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LEGO® Batman™ from the DC universe

Get lost in Gotham City™ with awe-inspiring builds celebrating the iconic Caped Crusader™.

Come for the hero sets, stay for the villain sets

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Batman: The Animated Series Gotham City™

Average rating4.6out of 5 stars
Price319,00 CHF

Batcave™ – Shadow Box

Average rating4.5out of 5 stars
Price429,00 CHF

Batman™ with the Batmobile™ vs. Harley Quinn™ and Mr. Freeze™

Average rating5out of 5 stars
Price74,90 CHF

Batman™ Mech Armour

Price17,90 CHF

Batmobile™ Tumbler

Average rating4.2out of 5 stars
Price299,00 CHF


Average rating4.8out of 5 stars
Price64,90 CHF

Batman™ Pen Pal

Price7,90 CHF
Out of stock

The Joker™ Bag Tag

Price10,90 CHF

Batman™ Bag Tag

Price10,90 CHF

Batman™ Key Light

Average rating1out of 5 stars
Price16,90 CHF

The Joker™ Key Light

Price16,90 CHF

Superman™ Keyring

Price6,90 CHF
Out of stock

They’re good. They’re bad. They’re chunky

Lose yourself in an immersive build as you come face to face with legendary DC superheroes and super-villains.

Kids’ superhero fantasies are forever

First, they build their favorite Batman™ storylines – then they create their own. Get out the popcorn and watch their most playful plots go on and on.

The Batcave™ returns

From the Batman Returns™ movie, filled to the brim with features, minifigures, and yes – a Batmobile™.

Preschool kid saves Gotham City™ again

Easy builds to develop the skills of creative superheroes ages 4+. “Too young” for Batman™? No such thing.

A Batman™ gift is always a good idea

Small gifts that pack a punch, big sets that make a statement... the LEGO® Batman™ range has the perfect set for any age, pocket and occasion.
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