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LEGO® Minecraft® Black Friday Sets

LEGO® Minecraft® Black Friday Sets

Bring the virtual world of Minecraft® to life this Black Friday with our epic collection of LEGO® Minecraft® sets.

Whether you’re exploring the Deep Dark biome, or heading into the jungle with the pandas, prepare for countless fun-filled hours of exploration, excavation, and explosions. Just like in the game, there are heaps of opportunities for creative world building with our LEGO Minecraft sets!

Bursting with pixelated details and familiar characters from the classic game, our Minecraft construction sets are the perfect Black Friday gifts for kids and adults alike.

The Crafting Table

Celebrate the 15th anniversary of Minecraft® in LEGO® style with this recreation of the game’s iconic crafting table!

Designed for adult fans, this LEGO building set comes with 5 mini build modules featuring 12 Minecraft biomes to explore. There’s the Taiga with a dripstone cave, Cherry Grove with an abandoned mineshaft, the Deep Dark with a lush cave, and more – all packed with authentic details from the world, plus 8 microfigures of recognizable characters!

Detach the mini builds and microfigures for a range of display possibilities, creating a personalized homage to the game. There are even stickers featuring memorable in-game phrases to create an even more special display.

The Badlands Mineshaft

Ready to dig up a treasure trove of adventure? This incredible LEGO® Minecraft® Badlands Mineshaft set is packed with action from start to finish!

Brave explorers aged 8 and up can join the Badlands Explorer on a daring expedition into an abandoned mine. Use the TNT to blast open hidden resources like copper, gold, and sparkling amethyst crystals before loading up a minecart and hurtling down the tracks to escape the mine.

But watch out! Hostile mobs like a cave spider, Creeper™, and slimes lurk around every corner, so kids will need to stay alert and battle their way through!

The Windmill Farm

Give kids a taste of life on the farm with The Windmill Farm playset – bursting with possibilities for building, nurturing, and a little bit of battling!

Kids can build a bustling farm with a working windmill that spins at the turn of a wheel. The grindstone turns with the sails, making it look like real wheat is being ground into flour! Plus, they can help the friendly Shepherd Villager shear the colorful sheep and craft wool for decorations. Be careful, though – a sneaky zombie is on the loose…

With friendly characters and working features, this LEGO® Minecraft® Windmill Farm is the perfect Black Friday gift for any young Minecraft fan aged 8 and up!

The Ender Dragon and End Ship

Take flight and face the ultimate Minecraft® boss battle with the Ender Dragon and End Ship playset!

After building a fearsome, fully-jointed Ender Dragon with movable limbs, kids can then gear up for an epic duel in the End biome. The adventure doesn't stop there – they can also explore the End Ship's fully-equipped interior, complete with a potion-brewing stand and a removable dragon-head helmet.

Featuring a crew of recognizable characters and plenty of building and battling possibilities, young Minecraft heroes aged 8 and up will love this action-packed set.

The Turtle Beach House

Welcome to the Turtle Beach House – half cozy home, half exciting adventure!

Build a giant, friendly turtle that doubles as a beach house, complete with a comfy bed, crafting table, and a furnace. The lift-off roof lets kids easily decorate the interior, while outside they'll find a beach area with sugar cane, turtle eggs, and even a fun bamboo raft for exploring the ocean.

There’s also a Turtle Skin Warrior, a mischievous Drowned, and 3 adorable baby turtles to care for. Perfect for kids who love adventure, creativity, and adorable pixelated creatures!

The Wolf Stronghold

Kids become heroes with this LEGO® Minecraft The Wolf Stronghold set! With a forest full of resources to gather, skeletons to battle, and a wild wolf to tame, it’s the perfect Black Friday toy for any Minecraft adventurer aged 8 and up.

They can construct a secure base featuring a giant, friendly wolf guarding the entrance, and even switch the wolf's face from playful to fierce depending on the situation. Inside, they'll find everything they need to get crafting, including a smithing table.

Two skeletons lurk in the nearby forest, one armed with an enchanted bow. Young heroes will need to use their skills to defend the stronghold and emerge victorious!

The Frog House

Leap into a world of fun at The Frog House! This super-cool home is shaped like a frog, and comes packed full of authentic Minecraft® details to explore.

The roof lifts off for easy access to the interior, where kids can find everything from a bed and table to cake and honey for a tasty snack after a hard day’s mining. There's a farm to harvest outside, and a shady lake perfect for fishing. But look out for the sneaky zombie and grumpy drowned with a trident!

With 3 friendly frogs, a Slime, and a brave Minecraft hero, this LEGO® set has everything players need for epic Minecraft adventures.

The Animal Sanctuary

Delight animal lovers with a trip to The Animal Sanctuary!

With this LEGO® Minecraft® building kit, boys and girls aged 7+ get to build a friendly haven for all their favorite farmyard friends. There’s a fenced-in play area for a whole crew of adorable Minecraft animals, including a sheep, wolf, rabbit – and even a Minecraft Baby Zombie. Plus, there's a friendly animal caretaker, Efe, to help look after them all!

Kids can also build a cozy picnic area under the shade of a tree, and a comfy carpet for furry (or blocky) friends to rest on.

The Nether Portal Ambush

Calling all Minecraft warriors! Brace yourselves for a thrilling battle with The Nether Portal Ambush.

After building a swirling portal, kids can enter a thrilling battlezone where a fierce Orc Warrior clashes with magma cubes, a grumpy hoglin, and a ghast that blasts discs from its mouth.

Can they explore the creepy crimson forest, avoid the ghast's portal-destroying blasts, and survive this epic Nether ambush? Only the bravest builders will find out!

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