Pirates of Barracuda Bay


Retired Product

Building Instructions

A shipwreck filled with surprises

Build two adventures in one with the new LEGO® Pirates of Barracuda Bay.

Unlock a treasure chest of details

Protect or Plunder

The cannon fires small cannonballs at any passing ships.

Buccaneer brothers

Crew members Port and Starboard keep things ship-shape.

Tavern tales

Bottles of rum and tales of pirate gold never run dry.

Captain’s quarters

Where Redbeard charts a course or maps a treasure hunt.

Island living

Find surprises from buried statues to palm trees filled with coconuts.

Troubled waters

Row a boat in shark-infested seas if you dare.

Meet the Pirates of Barracuda Bay

Set sail with an exclusive new LEGO® Pirate adventure that’s two builds in one!
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