Family Tree

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Limit 5
Building Instructions

Delightful family tree display stand

Build together, create fun home decor and share treasured personal memories with this LEGO® brick-built Family Tree.

Customizable LEGO® building set for adults

Show your love of family and create a centerpiece to remind loved ones of special moments in your own unique way.

LEGO® Ideas Family Tree

16 hanging holders

Display small photos, notes or other paper mementos.

Seasonal foliage

Choose from a selection of seasonal foliage.


Place 2 bird figures and a Filipino butterfly in the tree.

Lost toys!

A toy plane and kite are caught in the tree’s branches.

Lots of accessories

Customize the idyllic scene in your own way.

Hidden storage

Store spare LEGO® elements under the tree.

Nostalgic gift idea for creative adults

Treat yourself or gift this LEGO® Ideas Family Tree ornament to family members to display precious photos and keepsakes.
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