Dungeons & Dragons: Red Dragon's Tale

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Building Instructions

Celebrate 50 years of Dungeons & Dragons®

With an all-new LEGO® building experience

0NaN: Visit Inn Plain Sight

Try the hot wings!

0NaN: Roll the dice

Where will the adventure take you?

0NaN: Watch for monsters

Keep your eye on the Beholder!

0NaN: Meet Cinderhowl

The Red Dragon that inspired the Tale.

0NaN: Endlessly playable

Suprises around every corner.

0NaN: Choose your Adventurer

Customize any way you want.

0NaN: Don't fall for traps!

Use the key to unlock the trap door.

0NaN: Meet creatures and adventurers

So many colorful characters!

Gather your party

Dwarf cleric

A powerful hero who can help their party survive any encounter.

Gnome fighter

A warrior expert with weapons and armor to keep their allies safe.

Orc rogue

A master of stealth and strategy who can attack from the shadows.

Elf wizard

A magic-user with skills and spells at the ready.

Watch for monsters

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