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Building Instructions

LEGO® Technic™ Dragster building kit

Kids will enjoy a cool challenge as they build their own pull-back Dragster, ready to race.

Easy-to-use digital building instructions

Using Digital Instructions PLUS via the LEGO Life app, kids aged 7+ can zoom, rotate and visualize the set as they build.

LEGO Technic Dragster

A fun build for race-car fans

Kids will love building the cool Dragster.

Awesome pull-back action

Send the Dragster speeding along or perform a wheelie!

Endless role-play adventures

Recreate the thrill of the racetrack for epic play.

The action never slows

Rebuild the Dragster into an amazing pull-back Hot Rod.

Easy to handle

Pull-back action puts kids in control.

Twice the fun!

With 2 models in 1, playtime lasts even longer.

Inspire imaginative play

Kids will love exploring everything their Hot Rod can do, with lots of opportunity for creative play once the model is built.

This set has Instructions PLUS!

A fun and easy tool that helps you build!
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