Beach House


Retired Product

Building Instructions

Vacation home for fun in the sun

Beach house with DJ terrace that will keep kids entertained for hours as they play out their dream vacation with friends.

Discoveries on every level

2-story, brick-built beach house with cool details for kids to explore in the company of 2 mini-dolls and animal friends.

LEGO® Friends Beach House

Lazy days

Cool hammock element so girls can take it easy.

Real-world features

Cute details, like this paddleboat, bring the play to life.

Creature companions

Animal figures extend the story-telling opportunities.

Vacation favorite

No break is complete without an epic sand sculpture!

Food fun!

Kids can pretend to serve their friends a snack.

Beach bathroom

Features a cute restroom where the girls can freshen up.

Comes with an easy-to-follow guide

Clear instructions will help kids aged 6+ build this 444-piece set - a construction project they'll be proud to display.
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