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Why the first LEGO® Technic™ Ford GT will delight supercar fans

Why the first LEGO® Technic™ Ford GT will delight supercar fans

In 2003, the iconic American car manufacturer Ford wanted to do something special to celebrate its 100th anniversary. They could think of no better way than to create a new car that would be the epitome of a century of automotive innovation and excellence – the result was the stunning, the slick and the downright spectacular Ford GT.

Since then, this car has turned heads and smashed records (becoming the fastest ever streetcar when it topped 300 miles per hour in 2019). But with limited production numbers, owning a Ford GT has long been out of reach for many Ford fans and classic car lovers. So, car enthusiasts everywhere will be delighted to hear that it is coming soon to a shelf near you, in this 1:12 scale LEGO® Technic™ 2022 Ford GT model.

And no one is happier about that than the set’s designer Milan Reindl, who (fun fact) is also a judge on LEGO Masters in the Czech Republic.

Speeding into your LEGO collection

Milan Reindl

“When I started here, it was on my bucket list to do the Ford GT as an official set,” says Milan, with infectious enthusiasm. “It’s such a cool and iconic car!”

But Milan was very soon to learn that with great power comes great responsibility.

“It’s one of my passion points and I’m a big fan of the car, so working on something that you truly love makes it a bigger responsibility. I tried so many times and so many different approaches for all the subsections of the build – just to get the proportions and parts look as close as possible to the real car. I was still changing bits on the front of the model the very last day before the approval!”

Well, Milan’s enthusiasm and incredible attention to detail have paid off. The set is stunning and has all the features you’d expect from the Ford GT, including the teardrop profile, the flying buttresses and rear spoiler, all features designed with a single aim in mind: speed. In fact, it’s this single-mindedness that Milan believes is behind the car’s enduring appeal.

“I think one of the things I like is that the car was pretty much designed to be like a pure aerodynamic study. They made it as aerodynamically efficient as possible.”

But there is one other detail that, though it may not make the car any faster, is iconic to the Ford GT.

“If you look back at the portfolio of Ford GTs, the dark blue is a very classic color and that’s something we really wished for from the beginning.”

Built for speed

While a lot of time was spent designing the body, Milan and his team took just as much time working out how to fit the engine and mechanical details into the small interior.

“You can open the engine cover, you can open the hood, you can open the doors, which open in a very signature way for Ford,” he continues. “Inside, the six-cylinder piston engine is just crammed between the rear axle and the seats, like in the real car.”

Hearts are sure to race thanks to authentic details, like the rear-wheel drive with differential, independent suspension on all wheels and front steering, and even some surprises.

“A feature that’s unique to this is, when you pull on this lever inside the build, the rear spoiler wing raises.”

The Ford seal of approval

While Milan and his team toiled away trying to make the model perfect, they had a little help from the experts. This was one of Milan’s favorite aspects of the design process.

“To be honest, what I liked the most about this was the overall cooperation with the Ford Motor Company,” he says. “It was great to work together, like a dream come true.”

This love and respect for Ford flows throughout the design too. In fact, if you look at the license plate, you might even notice a subtle nod to the great state of Michigan, where the Ford Motor Company was born.

Ready. Steady. Build.

We’re certain that gearheads will love the challenge of building this incredible car.

Milan went to see the real Ford GT and had the chance to compare them next to each other. “The LEGO model captures the shape of the real Ford GT extremely well. They look like a father and a son together.”

But even if you aren’t passionate about the GT, this set will have plenty to get you hooked.

When we asked Milan to sum up the Ford GT in a handful of words, his heartfelt answer came without missing a beat.

“Drives fast and looks great!”

Need we say more?

Ford Motor Company Trademarks and Trade Dress used under license to the LEGO Group.

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