Spotlight on our Americas teams in Mexico and the United States. #INWED2024 ✨

Building a better world through discovery is what we’re all about at the LEGO Group. We help curious minds to explore. This applies as much to our colleagues as it does to our customers. To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day, we’ve asked the talented women who work here to tell us how engineering has changed them, our business and the world around us.

Our first stop is in the Americas.

Ana is a Manufacturing Design & Implementation Engineer in Monterrey, Mexico and works at the forefront of a technological revolution. Leading the implementation of additive manufacturing in 3D printing, she is redefining how we create tools and prototypes. Her expertise has streamlined production processes, reduced waste, and encouraged innovation across the business. Through her work, she shows us how engineering can drive efficiency and sustainability - which ultimately benefits both the LEGO Group and the environment.


“Engineering has had a great impact on me, I am not an engineer by profession but by choice. My degree is in industrial design, but I have an engineering role as a process owner. I never imagined being in this role, but I have made my way here and I love it. This is not simply a job for one person. You never complete something on your own, you really need a team to create engineering solutions with the best results. So being in this role has given me the opportunity to collaborate with a range of people and make many friends not only locally but around the world in the LEGO Group.

“New technologies create a better world, and we need to inspire more girls and boys to get involved. We, as adults, are responsible for being engineering ambassadors and role models.”

Her colleague Amara agrees. As a Production Engineer, she plays a pivotal role in integrating new technologies and processes into our production lines. She’s a problem-solver, constantly seeking ways to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and improve the overall production environment. Amara's work demonstrates how engineering can optimize existing systems and create a more sustainable and productive future for manufacturing.

LOM Colleagues

“I have amazing leaders and role models. Working in engineering at the LEGO Group has shown me that gender is no barrier to making a difference. There are useful programs here to keep preparing, learning and becoming a better person. The importance we put on development is something I appreciate and value a great deal.

“I love to learn. The greatest gift from becoming an engineer are the tools of critical thinking and the ability to evaluate situations effectively. Being an engineer isn’t about having all the answers, but rather about approaching challenges. It’s about taking a step back to analyse, then moving forward to explore and come up with new ideas and solutions”

This is something that’s reflected in the role of another Monterrey colleague, Elisa. As a Senior Material Flow Engineer, she’s revolutionising the complex of flow of materials through our largest factory:

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“Being a woman in engineering has transformed me personally by making me more resilient in navigating through biases and barriers that come with this career. It has taught me to persevere and not give up. Being able to advance and grow in different roles has given me responsibility to be a good role model for other women seeking the same path, I have become a more empathetic person who advocates more for inclusion and equality.

“In the LEGO Group you have the opportunity to be creative with processes, devising improvements and exploring different ways of doing things. Everyone has the freedom here to do this. For me, the presence of women in leadership roles is an inspiration. I feel encouraged to pursuing new challenges.”

Brenda, a Production Engineer at our Monterrey site, focuses on the meticulous nature of engineering. Her detail-oriented approach ensures that every project, from equipment installations to team-building activities, is executed flawlessly.

“As an engineer, you need to innovate and bring imagination. This is part of the fun. Everyday is different and that´s what I love about my job.”

At our Virginia site in the United States, Industrial Process Engineer, Paula brings her holistic view to production. Her expertise in both industrial and process engineering allows her to identify opportunities for improvement and ensuring products are manufactured to the highest standards.

Richmond Colleagues

“Engineering has given me a solid ground and skillset that helps me analyse a situation accurately. Learning through play helps me build on this. I’m a great believer in engineering being fundamental for a prosperous, sustainable future.”

Technology Manager, Maddy, is a fairly recent addition to our team. However, her innovative approach to automation is already demonstrating how engineers can drive efficiency and productivity in manufacturing:

Maddy Wright

“Engineering makes it easier, cheaper, safer, and quicker to produce great toys. By improving our manufacturing processes, we ensure that LEGO® sets are available and up to the standards expected of LEGO products.

“I'd love to see more women working in engineering. I certainly have a more diverse set of co-workers than I have had in my previous jobs. Engineering at the LEGO Group is an exciting place to be, so I would encourage anyone who is interested to go ahead and apply.”

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