About Us
Our mission: To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow

The powerful ability of play


Creative and engaging play has been at the heart of the LEGO Group since 1932. Play has the powerful ability to develop children’s social, emotional and cognitive skills. That is why we are proud to be providing children with fun, engaging and high-quality play experiences.

  • Our play experiences help children develop essential lifelong skills.

  • The LEGO® System in Play is unique and lets children learn through play.

  • Our aspiration is to make our unique and safe play experience available to – eventually - all children worldwide.

The value of play
The value of play is undeniable. Play is valuable in that children embrace it for what it is, regardless of their age, gender, culture and ethnicity. Play is fundamental to cognitive development and also stimulates learning abilities by fostering imagination and creativity. Creativity supports critical thinking, sparks curiosity and facilitates learning by doing, which are important lifelong competences necessary for children’s development.

LEGO® System in Play
The LEGO® System in Play is unique. Children get to explore a system that combines structure, logic and creativity where all bricks can be combined in countless ways. This lets them be endlessly creative in expressing their imagination. The LEGO® System in Play stimulates vital skills like communication, empathy and problem-solving, which benefit children throughout their entire lives. We want to continue to provide children all over the world with this unique contribution.

Working to reach children all over the world
The LEGO Group, the LEGO Foundation and LEGO Education work together to make the LEGO® play experience available to children all over the world. We share the same mission: Inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow.

The LEGO Foundation
The LEGO Foundation aims to ensure that the fundamental value of play is understood, embraced and acted upon and to build a future where learning through play empowers children to become creative and engaged lifelong learners. The LEGO Foundation works in partnership with non-profit organisations, social enterprises, academic institutions and governments from around the world to transform attitudes and behaviours to learning through play.
Visit: http://www.legofoundation.com/

LEGO Education
LEGO Education aims to enable students to succeed in their school life by providing children with playful learning experiences that engage them and encourage a positive mind-set to learning. LEGO Education supports teachers with a mix of LEGO® bricks, relevant curricula, assessment tools and our learning approach to facilitate playful learning experiences.
Visit: http://education.lego.com/