About Us
Our mission: To inspire and develop the builders of tomorrow


Conducting business in a responsible and ethical manner is at the core of the LEGO Group culture and has been ever since the company was established more than 80 years ago. We do this to live up to stakeholders’ expectations and not least our own expectation of being a leading responsible business.

Doing the right thing is of critical importance to the LEGO Group. We want to continuously raise the bar for ethical business conduct and ways of working. Our conduct builds on integrity and respect for human rights and care for our employees and our suppliers.

  • Ethical business conduct
    Our corporate policy framework introduces high standards that reflect our core values. The LEGO Group is committed to doing business with integrity – the LEGO Way – and in adherence to anti-bribery and anti-corruption laws. As a company, and as individuals, we must never compromise our compliance to high ethical standards.

  • Respectful workplaces
    Our employees are fundamental to our success, and we want to be sure that they have the safest working conditions possible, no matter where in the world they are. We are strongly committed to ensuring all our employees are treated with equal respect and dignity. We aim to remain a workplace of high standards, where the rights of employees are highly prioritised and realised.

  • Responsible supplier management
    We work systematically with our suppliers to support decent and fair working conditions in our entire supply chain and to improve business practice for the benefit of employees and businesses.