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Фортеця Ельдорадо

LEGO® IconsLEGO® Icons
Небезпека задушення.
Маленькі деталі.

Ahoy, LEGO® Pirate fans!

The buccaneers and blue coats are back to pay tribute to a LEGO® Pirates legend with the LEGO Icons Eldorado Fortress. Inspired by the original 1989 set, this modular model offers exciting spaces to explore, and endless ways to reconfigure and play.

Modular marvel

From the deepest dungeons to the top of the tower, Eldorado Fortress held many secrets under lock and key. It’s time to finally reveal the mysteries inside.

The gang’s all here

Features eight minifigures, including six imperial soldiers and two pirates, as well as a skeleton, monkey, parrot and crab figures.

Follow the map to a treasure trove of details:

Admiral’s office

Working crane

Pirate prison cell

Lookout with cannon

Trap doors

Ship with printed fabric sails

Storytelling on the high seas

Rowing boat for a swift escape

Play like you did as a kidWe’ve updated the Eldorado Fortress of 1989 with new details and surprises to thrill pirates of all ages.

Do you remember these vintage LEGO® sets from your childhood?

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