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A unique, collaborative art piece to display

This LEGO® Art set encourages DIY enthusiasts of all ages to build with friends and family and create a special work of art.

4 themes: Food, Patterns, Icons and Interests

Choose a theme and 1 of the 9 instruction books, then start building. Use the main instructions to finish and hang the piece.

LEGO® Art: Art Project – Create Together

Individual and joint guides

Set includes 9 instruction sets and an overall build guide.

Create a combined work of art

Build the 9 plates and connect them into a unique patchwork.

Build a masterpiece – together

Design and create a portrait of the iconic LEGO® Minifigure.

Fun, family-or-friends co-creation experience

This playful kit includes 36 options across 4 themes, a buildable colour palette, 9 canvas wall plates and 2 hanger elements.

Gather together and create something unique

Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, this set encourages a group to work together and make a piece of art they can display with pride.
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