One year on with our Copenhagen Technology team…

Our Copenhagen Digital Technology office opened only a year ago, and we’ve already seen amazing strides forwards towards our Digital transformation here at the LEGO Group. From developing new technologies and exciting insights, talented people joining our team and the opening of a brand-new office, it’s been an exciting year.

Recently, we held an event with some of our awesome colleagues from Copenhagen to discover the projects they’ve been working on, the amazing opportunities available and why you should join their team.

Lisa 👋

We are in the heart of Copenhagen, in a historical building right on the street. Now we have 30 awesome people, and we’ve got 40 more people going through the onboarding process. Already we’re seeing the LEGO® culture being embedded in the office, and we’ve seen that 53% of our office is female since we opened. For teams of engineers, software developers and the likes of, this is a big deal.

Heather Moore 👋

We’re focused on consumers and creators, of all ages. We’re solving lots of great tech solutions and UX challenges. Our leadership is really inspired by experimentation and exploration. Our consumers and creators are rapidly changing what is fun and useful, so we’re living a culture of being ready for change.

Sebastian 👋

It’s amazing to be a part of the Digital transformation journey, so many companies trying to transform, but we are doing exceptionally well. Everything here is supported, as we get the support from our management on all of our ideas, and we get the resources to do them too.

Arwed 👋

I’m excited about the new office, we’re building a team focused on omni channels, where we’re focusing on making customer’s experiences seamless, and as smooth as possible. Think of events such as Black Friday – we’re creating a supply chain backhand that can scale, and our tools are being built with a cloud focus to make this possible.

Alexander 👋

I came from a big tech firm to the LEGO Group, and I keep being blown away by the efforts to make sure quality is high, and our culture is running smoothly. We really care deeply about quality and value. Working in big tech, I’ve experienced that things can get locked up, but here, I’ve been able to do some many incredible things.

If you’d like to find out more about the Copenhagen office opportunities, and what insights you can bring to the team, explore our live vacancies here.