How does the Leadership Playground make our people feel?

The Leadership Playground was created by the LEGO Group, for everyone at the LEGO Group. It’s an inclusive model and working philosophy which makes sure that you’re heard, valued, respected, and able to make a bigger contribution to your team. It’s a place where you can create safe, inspiring and innovative spaces for everybody. Most importantly, it’s a space for you to be brave, curious and be focused, the three behaviours that underpin everything that the Leadership Playground is all about. These behaviours are inspired by how children play in the playground, but what does that mean?

Be Brave, Be Curious and Be focused

Being brave by doing the right thing, standing by your decisions and challenging the status quo. Being curious, by creating opportunities for new ideas to be explored, asking questions and pushing boundaries. Being focused, so you can stay true to our purpose, and prioritize actions to deliver on commitments that help bring it to life.

Becoming a LEGO Leadership Playground Builder

When you join the LEGO Group, you’ll have the opportunity to volunteer to become a ‘Playground Builder’, regardless of what team you work in or where in the world you’re based. You’ll empower your team to make the Leadership Playground their own. You’ll lead Campfire discussions, making sure that everyone is feeling awesome and energized everyday, no matter your job, position or experience. It really is for everyone.

Look out for other Leadership Playground stories and Imagine what it could mean to you. Check out our open positions and apply to join us today.