Just Imagine with Pablo Banda 💭

Just imagine putting your finance know-how at the heart of a massive Digital Transformation. Then imagine you were doing so for a brand that empowers curious minds to explore their potential. For Pablo Banda, this is his day job. So every day he knows he’s making an investment that not only works for him, but will endure way into the future.

“The short version of my job title is Digital Finance Senior Manager. In longhand, I’m a Finance Partner in Digital Technology for Data Office and Cyber Security areas, as well as driver for Value Framework - which basically means I lead the overall governance to ensure we drive value- in every sense of the word - from our digital investments. Sounds complex, right? Well, it can be. But doing what I do with the freedom and flexibility that enables me to do it well - and for a valuable outcome- that’s so rewarding.


“It may surprise some people but what I do is fun. This is what happens when there are no rules. that’s how it is with my colleagues. We share the same values but we have the freedom to work towards solving problems in any fun creative way we could possibly imagine. We meet; we brainstorm on how to solve pain points; no rules, no bad ideas, just sharing.

“The empowerment I have to suggest and make changes on a global agenda is very real. The curious thing is that while I’ve spoken of these grand schemes and huge ambitions, I know that it feels more like a home than a corporate giant. It just feels right, somewhere I belong.


“I have been with the LEGO Group for over 4 years now. After three years in Mexico, I relocated with my wife to Denmark for this role. The business went above and beyond for us to do this. Providing cultural guidance for my partner who, at the time, had no job so it was harder to adapt, this shows how deeply they care. Now, we’re able to collaborate for the same company and experience the same values, which is simply amazing.

I get to work on a global scale where I drive change and bring hearts and minds together. Working at this strategic level means looking at the big picture and how Digital Technology enables better business outcomes. I’m part of a team that’s making a difference working agile, constantly looking at how to deliver value drops, focus on where value can be harvested. We design and execute processes and governance to ensure agile resource allocation based on value for the business. Alongside the culture, empowerment and awesome colleagues this journey is nothing but exciting.


“What I do demands that I use my imagination and think of the bigger picture, to truly work cross-functional. I like this. Being able to see what the future might look like and to help make it a reality. The processes I design to maximise the value of our digital investments have to be simple. This enables me to bring users on the journey. I have to imagine how they experience it. This tells me if they will embrace it. If they don’t, it won’t succeed.

“I get to collaborate with so many different mindsets and experience so many different cultures. This is an invaluable playground too. You just have to engage with the right spirit. Curiosity and an open mind.
Collaboration with different profiles, mindsets and cultures around the world, D&I itself is such a powerful playground for development.

“Being immersed in something as radical as the Digital Transformation is challenging. Extremely at times. But this makes what we achieve in the end even more satisfying. It’s a chance to make a mark. To leave a legacy. When you know that legacy is securing our purpose, it takes on a whole new meaning.”

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